Now he knows about the Australian Somali terror network

I just told you last night that Omar Jamal is into everything going on in the Somali community, not just in Minneapolis, but now it seems across the whole world.  Here, as reported at Bartamaha, his insider knowledge is (again) on full display.

AUSTRALIAN Somalis have been denied entry to the US as recently as May and at least three flew to their war-torn homeland to fight in late 2006, American activists claim.

Minneapolis Somali Justice Advocacy Centre director Omar Jamal said two Australian Somalis had tried to enter the US to attend a fundraising conference three months ago.

“They were from Australia and they were denied entry to the US,” he said.

Also, one Somali killed in 2006 during a clash between al-Shabaab jihadists and Somali government forces was found with an Australian passport, Mr Jamal said.

US members of the al-Shabaab extremist group, which is linked to al-Qaida, have been travelling to Australia for the past six years, one US Somali leader said.

Somali American Abdirizak Bihi* fears Australians, like his nephew Burhan Hassan, 17, have fled their homes and joined al-Shabaab in Somalia.

“We have been hearing of people who were fighting and died in the Islamist war as far back as 2006 who flew in from Melbourne that died in this war,” Mr Bihi said.

* We have heard directly from Abdirizak Bihi here, and I remarked about his willingness to confront the local Imams and CAIR and I don’t want to diminish that bravery by questioning how on earth Bihi’s comrade in arms Omar Jamal is into everything!  His ‘knowledge’ strains credulity!

What a coincidence that an editor of Bartamaha, the Somali publication that posted this story, was attacked and nearly killed in Minneapolis two nights ago.  I just a few minutes ago posted that news, here.  However I see that his beating took place the night before this story was published, so perhaps no connection.

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