Islamic scholar says he warned Australian Government about Somali radicalization

Dr Herse Hilole said he told Australian officials that Somali refugees in Australia were being seduced by Islamic extremists, but said he was disappointed when his warnings were not taken seriously.

From Australia’s ABC News:

Two years ago, Islamic scholar Dr Herse Hilole warned that young Somali refugees in Melbourne were being seduced by Islamic extremists.

Dr Herse Hilole is now a resident academic at the International Islamic University in Kuala Lumpur.

He told ABC radio’s The World Today that he expected this terrorist activity in Australia.

“My suspicion was that young Somali Muslims could be or may be used in the future to carry [out] some terrorist activities in Australia,” he said.

Dr Hilole has criticised the Federal Government’s response to his warning two years ago.

“The response at the beginning was good, but the current Government of Australia … [it] seems that they did not take this seriously,” he said.

For the original story on the Australian terrorism bust, go here.

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