Kennedy (expletive deleted!) No fierce advocate for Mary Jo

I wasn’t going to say anything about the death of Senator (bring them to Hyannisport) Kennedy until a reader last night asked me if I was planning on it.   Whenever Kennedy’s death crossed my mind yesterday the only thing I thought of was that poor Mary Jo, 40 years ago this summer, living for up to two hours, according to expert witnesses, in an air bubble in the submerged car at Chappaquiddick.

Besides being a murderer, Kennedy was a hypocrite.  He is responsible for the Refugee Act of 1980 but as my name for him indicates he was all for bringing the third world to America but not to his backyard at Martha’s Vineyard.  No ‘up close and personal’ diversity for him and his elite friends!

My reader tells me he had written to Kennedy some years ago to try to bring his attention to the abuses within the refugee system, a system Kennedy created and championed, and Kennedy never even answered his correspondence—further evidence to me that Far Left hypocrites like Kennedy never really cared about the poor refugees it was all about BUILDING A FRAMEWORK WITHIN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT under a protective umbrella of  phony humanitarian concern. 

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