Iranian kills his brother (in North Carolina)….

…..and what about The Muslim Issue? I know this “accidental” shooting of a brother by his brother has nothing to do with anything (uh, oh, except there was a gun involved!).  Brothers of all sorts can get drunk, argue and kill each other anywhere in the world. But, the story in The Muslim Issue gives […]

Greeley, CO school system struggling to educate all of the refugee kids; want meatpacker to help pay for it

Yesterday, I thought I would check and see what was new in Greeley (Weld County) Colorado after all of the turmoil there in 2008 over a demand by newly arrived Somali workers at meatpacking plants to have special break times during Ramadan.  At first Swift caved in to their demands and then all hell broke […]

Huge Christian refugee problem is coming

I’m watching C-SPAN’s Book TV this Sunday morning. An author, Lela Gilbert, is discussing her book, Saturday People, Sunday People: Israel Through the Eyes of a Christian Sojourner. She was talking about the hundreds of thousands of Jews in Arab lands who had to flee after the founding of Israel. That went on from 1948 […]

Watching the collapse of Europe: Italian asylum problems a harbinger of what is to come?

So what the hell is Italy supposed to do?  Here is an article from the hoiyty-toiyty at the New York Times chastising the Italian government for how it is handling the huge populations of immigrants flowing toward Europe.  Italy, and to a lesser extent Malta, are the first bits of land illegal aliens reach as […]

Food Stamp fraud getting the attention of mainstream media!

Update December 30th:  The New York Post has a story on food stamp fraud, but they are dancing around it.  Good quote in here though by Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation, so the whole smarmy issue is percolating up to the surface. I am so excited to report that a writer (Isaac Wolf) for […]

What happened with those Iraqis arrested for that brutal rape in Colorado last summer?

A reader sent me this story from last week that appeared in The Independent Sentinel.  It is about the Colorado Springs rape case we told you about last summer.    Our reader wants to know if the accused are refugees—they probably are. We know one of them is because we reported that back in August, here.  […]

Iran and the OIC double-teaming Burma on Rohingya issue

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the government of Iran both plan to send delegations to Burma (Myanmar) to give that Buddhist country a tongue-lashing about their alleged mistreatment of the Rohingya minority there.  (Remember the monks!) Here is the story about the OIC delegation.  And, here, Iran gets into the action to defend what […]

Iraqi Palestinians suffer in Chicago; mental illness is one major problem

This is a very interesting article about a Palestinian family (from a camp on the border of Iraq and Syria).  I am posting a lot of it because it in so many ways summarizes many different topics we discuss here daily. A little background:  We don’t normally take Palestinian refugees (or at least we haven’t) […]

IRC needs volunteers (but not at this exact moment) to help refugees navigate the US health care system

I actually started to write another post this morning also involving refugee health care—mental illness again, but it’s a post requiring some bit of additional work, and I’ve run out of steam today.  So just so you know I’m not on an extended break, this is a quick little post I can throw up here […]

In London white Brits are now a minority

The Muslim population has doubled in a decade.   Douglas Murray at the Gatestone Institute has posted a very important article for me to leave you with on Christmas Eve (emphasis mine): The national census for England and Wales has come out, and, as usual, this once-a-decade event has had all of its most significant points […]