Somalis here, Somalis there, Somalis everywhere

You’ve all heard about the now infamous Maine “Ham Hate Crime ” incident in Lewiston last spring, right? You know, white kid puts ham steak in a bag and places it on the table where Somali Muslim kids are having lunch. Somali kids traumatized for life. Just google ‘ham hate crime’ and you will get pages and pages of stories about this international incident.

The Refugee Resettlement program of the US Government has brought thousands of Somali refugees to the US in the last few years.

Just this week talk radio host Laura Ingraham railed about a California elementary school making special accomodations for 100 Somali students. But no one seems to ask why are all these Somalis here.

This Investor’s Business Daily editorial sparked her discussion.

The special accommodations for Carver Elementary’s nearly 100 Somali Muslims don’t stop with organized prayer. The school cafeteria has banned pork and other foods that conflict with the Islamic diet.

And the K-8 school has even added Arabic — the language of the Quran — to its curriculum, while segregating classes for girls, a la the Taliban.


Tough, say Muslim-rights groups. The Council on American-Islamic Relations, which is defending the Carver program, insists public schools must cater to the growing number of Muslim students. “Our country is transforming demographically, religiously,” said the spokesman for CAIR’s San Diego chapter. “Our country has to now accommodate things that are not traditionally accounted for before.”

Look out Greeley, CO! Hide the Ham Steaks! Due to the influx of Somali and other African Refugees a new Refugee Resettlement Office will open to accomodate refugees coming to Greeley and Ft. Morgan.

Greeley is famous for another Muslim connection:

Greeley’s al-Qaeda connections make headlines around the world

Many people believe you couldn’t have found a more conservative, religious and docile town in America than Greeley in 1949. There were many churches, and no bars or liquor stores allowed in town.

But a six-month stay here in Greeley by an Egyptian student in 1949 made him so angry that he wrote books to express his anti-American diatribe. His name was Sayyid Qutb (SIGH-yid KUH tahb) and he became one of the founders of Islamic terrorism.

Read the rest of this important account of the origins of present day radical Islam here:

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