Episcopal Bishop in Maine: It is our moral obligation to take in refugees

But, is it the obligation of the US taxpayer to pay the Episcopal Church millions annually for THEIR Christian charity?  Of course that is one of the major moral questions that has driven this blog for ten years!

Bishop Lane in a 2009 story about the Episcopal church in Maine going bankrupt. http://www.virtueonline.org/episcopal-dioceses-face-downsizing-closing-parishes-more-departures

You can read the Bishop’s opinion piece at the Bangor Daily News:

With the news that the U.S. Supreme Court has allowed a limited version of the president’s travel ban to go into effect, we should recall our moral obligation to assist refugees seeking a chance to rebuild their lives and create a better future for their families. As the world searches for solutions to the largest refugee crisis in global history — more than 22 million people worldwide of whom fewer than 1 percent will ever be resettled in another country — we in Maine must do our part.

It is easy to be charitable with someone else’s money!

I searched the Bangor Daily News piece for any mention of the fact (published in their own publication) that the church is receiving 99.5% of its funds for refugee resettlement from the taxpayer.
Episcopal Migration Ministries (the church’s refugee resettlement wing) is not even a separate legal entity, so our money goes directly to the church!
Therefore we, or Mainers, don’t need any lectures about moral duties!  Christian charity should be privately given, not extorted from every taxpaying American!
The first and foremost Congressional reform needed with our process of resettling refugees in the US is to bar the phony charitable non-profit middlemen*** from receiving federal dollars for their ‘charitable’ work.
I have a huge archive on Maine and its problems with refugees and asylum seekers, click here.
*** Nine federal contractors that monopolize refugee resettlement in the US:

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  1. Also if they sponsor refugees they should be responsible for them until they become US citizens, including financially–so if a terroist kills someone, the families of survivors could sue the sponsors for money damages. That would force them to be very careful about who they help. Think of the priest child abuse payments made by the Catholic Church as a precedent…

  2. No sir, it is not. It is not *my* moral obligation. And if you feel so strongly about it then you should declare that every one of your parishioners take in a refugee – and you take in some yourself. Your – and their- moral obligation will have been met. Since I don’t share your religion, your ‘moral obligation’ means nothing to me. And I have no intention of willingly supporting importing foreign nationals of any sort that can’t, or won’t assimilate, into my country.

  3. A Christian’s moral duty is too model equations so the output is the “Most Souls Saved!” Diversity and Multiculturalism in modern day extremes threaten the work of salvation ITSELF! These are the sacraments of the Globalists, the Occultists, and not to be forgotten.. the “Antichrist!”

  4. why then aren’t you assuming the entire cost of these leaches? why are you saying every taxpayer in America most of whom don’t believe in this project at all. should pay for it. you have a hell of a nerve to take money from so many who don’t think this is a good idea for America at all. you bring in trouble. is what you are doing. LET THOSE OF YOUR CONCGRATION PAY FOR THEM ALL, EVERY CENT THEY NEED, NOT OUR DOLLARS. WE DONT WANT TO.

    1. The contractors sign a contract with the State Department that bars them from proselytizing—they are not allowed to try to convert them.

  5. Correction to the Episcopal Statement! It is the “moral responsibility” OF ALL OF US but especially the Episcopal Church, to FIRST OF ALL read the Koran. Within those pages, repleat with instructions to Muslims to treat ALL other peoples as enemies; to convert them to Islam; to rule them; to subjugate them; to defeat them and to create an Islamic Caliphate to ultimatelyTO RULE THE WORLD. Those diabolical instructions are given to EVERY Muslim to read FROM BIRTH TO DEATH. The cowards who now govern and rule in the name of Christianity have been systematically deserting their fellow Christians and have watched them being terrorised, beheaded, raped and murdered by the evil Muslim/Islamic hordes and have treasonously capitulated to these “Mohammedans”. The Episcopal Church would do well to look back into the truths of the history of Christianity and understand that in fact “The Crusaders” gave their lives to stem the Islamic hordes from taking over Europe and the world – not as an act of war, but as a means of repulsing the Islamic would-be conquerors who had repeatedly sought to destroy everything that Christianity stood for. The true monsters today are indeed the very leaders of The Church who have capitulated to Islam and for THAT they will be damned in Hell.

  6. Very informative post Ann. Keep sticking it to the Episcopalian charities which are sucking up taxpayers’ money and using it to do a lot of damage. This is something which needs to be publicized and the MSM is certainly not doing it.

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