Italy: See why the Italians are so ticked-off

Invasion of Europe news….. France has admitted that it ‘mistakenly’ dropped a couple of African migrants (supposedly minors) off into Italy.  See earlier story. Since it is directly on the Mediterranean, Italy gets the brunt of the migrant invasion while France plays the phony welcoming holier-than-thou nation (along with Germany) in the EU.     […]

Italy’s Salvini calls France an “international disgrace” over border incident

Invasion of Europe news…. Italian Interior Minister says that last Friday French police drove across the Italian border and deposited two (believed to be African) migrants in a rural forested area. The headline at the UK Express blares: France is an ’international DISGRACE!’ Salvini furious over migrant dumping incident   ITALY’S right-wing Deputy Premier and […]

Highly anticipated EU "deal" on migration is a nothing-burger!

Because I’ve been telling you in advance about the pow-wow in Brussels yesterday about the migrant invasion of Europe and what the EU will do about it, I’m compelled to give you an update of the disappointing results. They talked and talked, indeed they talked all night, and came up with what the NY Times […]

Mama Merkel update: Nothing resolved in special EU meeting yesterday, try again Thursday

Invasion of Europe news….. As we reported last week, a special EU meeting was called for yesterday as the political pressure mounts on German Chancellor Angela Merkel to do something to control the migrant population that continues to grow in Germany.  See Merkel between a rock and a hard place in age of ‘Aquarius.’ I’m […]

Bannon storms Europe: Let them call you racist!

Steve Bannon, Trump’s right hand man during the run-up to Trump’s upset victory in the US presidential race in 2016, is traveling around Europe spreading a populist message  painfully aware that Europe is in deep trouble and if globalist-instigated migration to the continent continues, Western Civilization itself will be in danger of collapsing in this […]

Greenfield: France is at war. That’s why there are soldiers in the streets.

Excellent commentary by Daniel Greenfield at Sultan Knish in case you missed it on Saturday.     World War III will start in France! says Greenfield: Interior Minister Gerard Collomb made it official. France is “in a state of war”. It’s not just rhetoric. Bombs turn up in a posh Parisian suburb. Two young women […]

Mark Steyn: Kicking the croissant down the road….it is demographic conquest stupid!

Invasion of Europe news… The first thing I thought of when I heard the news that Marine Le Pen had lost to the globalist Emmanuel Macron was Mark Steyn’s predictions in America Alone.  If you have never read it, you must.  And while you are at it don’t skip The Camp of Saints (over 40 […]

European nationalists meet: European migration policy a daily disaster

Invasion of Europe news….. Obviously timed to follow the Inauguration of Donald Trump, nationalist leaders from five European countries met in Koblenz, Germany today to declare a new day for Europe.   Representatives from France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Austria declared that a “patriotic spring” was on the horizon for 2017. From AP (emphasis […]

Paris building refugee camps, segregating the sexes

Invasion of Europe news…… It isn’t quite this bad here. We don’t have camps yet, but…..  could it happen? Already housing is short for the tens of thousands of refugees Obama (and the Republican Congress) have admitted this fiscal year.  We still have over 10,000 to squeeze in to America this month (see here)! And, […]

It is the numbers stupid! Debate (again) in wake of Nice Islamic terror attack

It is no surprise that the Election 2016 debate about refugees should have begun in earnest again after the slaughter in Nice. But, as everyone focuses on security screening, I want to repeat again that this is about numbers.  The Tunisian killer would not have been stopped by security screening.  He was just one of […]