French Author Jean Raspail has Died at Age 95

He died from the Chinese virus.

Invasion of Europe news….

If you don’t know about Raspail or have never read his 1973 novel, The Camp of the Saints, you must.

Yikes! See the price of this book now!

Actually even mention of the book, banned in some parts of the world, could bring the speech police down on RRW again just as it approaches its 13th anniversary.  (It was this time last year that they succeeded in shutting down RRW for a few months.)

Chronicles has published an excellent obituary about the man who told the truth nearly a half century before most see it now—western civilization is committing suicide by ‘welcoming’ mass migration from the third world.

You might have noticed how mention of the novel by Trump adviser Stephen Miller caused the Left (specifically the Southern Poverty Law Center and its media sycophants) to melt down last year, see here at NPR.

Below is a bit of an obituary for the “thinker” by Srdja Trifkovic at Chronicles:

(emphasis is mine)

The great and good French novelist and thinker Jean Raspail died on June 13, three weeks short of his 95th birthday. I was deeply saddened by the news, although at his age it was to be expected. It is ironic that he succumbed to the COVID-19 virus, the product and totemic symbol of our age and the globalized world, both of which he loathed with a passion.


Marine Le Pen

In Camp of the Saints, his best-known work, Raspail castigated the “submersion” of France by the landing of a fleet of derelict boats from India loaded with refugees. The rest of the grim story is known to Chronicles readers, or should be.

“We must reread The Camp of the Saints, which, beyond evoking with a talented pen the migratory perils, had—long before [Michel Houellebecq’s] Submission—mercilessly described the submission of our elites,” tweeted Marine Le Pen in tribute to Raspail.  In addition to his resolute stand against all Third World—but especially Muslim—immigration, and in line with his traditionalist understanding of Catholicism, Raspail condemned communism and capitalism with equal force, as the two monstrous twins born of modernity.


In his final years—almost five decades after publishing his prophetic dystopia—Jean Raspail was resigned that our civilization is on the “road to disappearance.” As he explained in an interview published in Valeurs Actuelles in 2013, he had no desire to join the massive circle of intellectuals who spend their time debating immigration because, in his view, such talk is useless:

The people already intuitively know that France, as our ancestors shaped her over the centuries, is on the road to disappearance. The audience is being kept amused by endless talk about immigration, but the final truth is never stated. 


What can be done? Raspail’s verdict was clear:

There are only two ways to deal with immigrants. Either we accommodate them, and France—her culture, her civilization—will be eradicated without so much as a funeral. In my view, that is what is going to happen. Or else we do not accommodate them at all, which means we stop sanctifying the Other and rediscover our neighbors.

Jean Raspail will be sorely missed by all Frenchmen and other Europeans who refuse to go gently into the multicultural night.

More here.

There couldn’t be a better time in world history, as the heathen hordes (of various hues!) run wild in the streets of the civilized world, erasing history and attempting to silence anyone who disagrees with them through intimidation and fear, to read The Camp of the Saints.

See my entire ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive.

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6 thoughts on “French Author Jean Raspail has Died at Age 95

  1. Good luck getting a hold on the first edition for under a few hundred. Only brainwashed fools believe his book will not soon become an obit for Western society.

  2. Thanks so much for informing me and everyone about this signal event, which I otherwise would never have learned about. I personally read M. Raspail’s book way back in 1982, and consider our whole nation and civilization’s history since then as the perfect illustration of it. But it was in 2016 that my jaw really dropped, seeing the huge long lines of migrants winding to the horizon, and above all the overcrowded boats actually being escorted by European navies and dumped on poor nations full of oblivious, helpless natives, to care for them for life. It was the LITERAL, PHYSICAL embodiment of Camp of the Saints!! Like Nostradamus, only for real, he had perfectly predicted the future!! 2016, honest historians of the future will say, was the year Europe died, and became Any Nation. And what will be America’s Year to Die? You and I are living in it.

    1. You are so right and it must have been really creepy for Raspail to see those boats. If anyone has a copy of the book from 1973, it is worth a bundle!

    2. Retired French officials openly speak of the certain civil war to occur within France due mass migration. The great irony is Europe’s determination to swear off all sense of nationalism, in the wake of WWll, as if it were a prerequisite of Hitler’s rise. The banality of evil, as said by political theorist Hannah Arendt, speaks to the innate human potential for absolute evil. The vehicle it chooses can arrive on our shores, or spring from within, in many many forms. A sense of national identity would not have allowed what is sure to come for Europe and the West. History will record this as societal suicide, Jim Jones and his Peoples Temple surely look on in awe at the sway held by leftists, and the increasing speed of our march towards the day.

    1. That is of course because no one wants to publish the book now! Supply and demand!

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