Iraqi refugee admissions down again

Last week when the AP reported (and every news outlet in the world picked it up) that the Iraqi refugee admissions were down for the third straight month we didn’t  report on it.    Frankly, the news was ho-hum.  However, for readers at American Renaissance the news prompted some provacative comments.  Here is a sampling from three differant people (bracketed comments are mine!):

what a clever way to get your jihadi’s into america. have them pose as refugees. buy conveience stores [Hagerstown?]. send money back home and bring in family. i wonder how many white south africans we allow. [last I checked they aren’t among the refugees allowed in the U.S. Don’t you know white Christians are the persecutors not the persecuted.]


The Iraqi refugees are arriving in Detroit, thanks to the U.N., the State Department and the Lutheran Church (refugee contracts get big taxpayers money, and the refugees get to bring over thousands of their distant relatives. The newspaper article states some Iraqi’s brought two wives. [those would not be the Christians]


Lastly I do oppose relocating Iraqis in The USA because there are probably suicide bombers among those arriving. They should stay in their own country and rebuild it instead of coming here. [Thats what I’ve been saying all along]. If they come to The USA it’s just a matter of time before they bomb malls or burn synagogues. It only takes one idiot to destroy things.

I get the distinct impression that this issue is catching on.    Check out our Iraqi refugee category here, we have posted 72 times on this!

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