Iraqi refugees—only a small number worked for US

This article in (from yesterday) is meant to be another one of those drumbeating articles about the poor Iraqi refugees we need to save by bringing them here BEFORE THE WAR IS OVER!    Articles like these are generated by consulting firms in advance of legislation that is moving through Congress.   I suspect the firms are working for various Islamic countries who wish to increase the Muslim population of the US and are working for our defeat in Iraq.

Although this piece was meant to sound the alarm, this little section caught my eye:  

The United Nations has submitted more than 9,000 Iraqis to the United States for consideration as refugees since the State Department announced a new resettlement program in February, but only about 5 percent of the applicants are former employees connected with the U.S. war effort, according to figures provided by the United Nations and the International Organization for Migration, the agencies processing the cases.

Only 5%?   By my calculation that would make 450 Iraqis who have already run away from Iraq who were once helping us.  So, who are the 8,550 others in this group?  Hopefully Christians, but I bet not.

The article does go on to say that there are 69,000 other Iraqis working as menial laborers for various contractors (including Iraqi companies) that get money from the Pentagon and so therefore according to those promoting our defeat in Iraq they will all need to be brought to America to live on American welfare.   Will our brave men and women have died to give them the US welfare trough?

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