Rohingya hold demonstration to demand “right” to resettlement

Muslim Rohingya displaced persons in Malaysia demonstrated today at the office of the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) to demand their “right,” as they call it, to be resettled in first world countries.    We have an entire category on Rohingya and have been chronicling for a long time their obviously well-orchestrated strategy to get out of Southeast Asia and to be resettled in your neighborhood.

Read one of my earliest posts on the Rohingya here, then come back to this in The Sail.

Today (12/3) morning 10am (Malaysiam local time), UNHCR recognized Burmese Rohingya refugees about 1000 from various areas (including women and children), had approached for peaceful assembly in front of UNHCR office to submit a memorandum to UNHCR office in Malaysia. But some who had arrived early and separated groups were forced to leave from near UNHCR area, and the others were not allowed to involved in peaceful assembly. Then, one of the bus with sixty refugees from five buses was forced to drive throughly to Brick-field Police station KL. But, they have gotten good coverage by some medias following to police station.

Read on and check out the photos.

Demonstrators presented the UNHCR with a list of demands that included the following:

We, on behalf of Burmese Rohingya refugees in Malaysia, would like to express our firm stand to ensure the basic and fundamental rights of Rohingya refugees in order to find permanent solution to their long standing problem.

“Permanent solution” or “durable solution” are UN-speak for third country resettlement.  If you go back and read our entire Rohingya category you will see the UN has been trying all sorts of possible solutions including third country resettlement.  They have obviously not satisfied the Rohingya.

I suppose from the Rohingya point of view they look at the US and notice that we are letting in Somali Muslims, Iraqi Muslims, Russian Muslims and figure it isn’t fair if they too can’t get in.

But here is a solution to make it all fair.  We could take Robert Spencer’s (and a whole lot of other people’s suggestion) and stop all Muslim immigration to America.  Here is Robert Spencer yesterday at Frontpage Magazine.

End Muslim immigration into the United States, as a simple matter of national security. Immigration policy must work toward the integration of all immigrants, but the all-encompassing societal program of Sharia makes integration of pious, serious, informed Muslims ultimately impossible. While there is no doubt that there are many millions of Muslims who have no interest in jihad either by violence or stealth, no Islamic authorities anywhere in the world have declared heretical or in any way unacceptable the idea that unbelievers must be fought against by various means and subjugated under the rule of Islamic law. Unless and until that begins to happen, no one can be sure of the sentiments of any individual believer. Consequently, simply to protect ourselves, there should be an end to Muslim immigration, combined with a clear notice to Muslims in the United States that any action on behalf of Sharia supremacism is unacceptable.

Sounds like a plan to me.  I wonder where Miss Hillary stands on the issue of Muslim Rohingya in your neighborhood?  I betcha Ken Bacon at Refugees International is already lobbying her on it.

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