UNHCR wants the EU to take more refugees

That is the gist of this news report from Reuters this week.    The Czech Republic is set to take over the Presidency of the European Union shortly and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees is insisting that there is more uniform acceptance of refugees throughout Europe.   There must still be some countries holding out.

UNHCR is issuing today a document entitled “A Europe Without Barriers,” containing its recommendations to the Czech Republic, which will take up the rotating Presidency of the European Union (EU) for a six-month period on January 1, 2009.

UNHCR remains seriously concerned that current laws and practice within the European Union mean that persons in need of international protection are not necessarily able to find it throughout the Union. In the document, UNHCR urges the Czech Presidency to ensure the outcome of negotiations among the EU member states is consistent with international refugee law and human rights law.

You hear that EU!  You better not let any sovereign nations make their own decisions.  When the  UN says “jump”—you better jump or else.

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