India apprehends Rohingya attempting to reach Pakistan

The Rohingya are Burmese Muslims who have spread out from the Arakan region of what we now call Myanmar to Bangladesh, Malaysia and Thailand among other nations in the region.   We have an entire category on their efforts to be resettled in Western countries.   But, as we have noted before, and as this article demonstrates, some Rohingya are suspected of having  joined international terrorist organizations.  India is trying to determine if these undocumented aliens are Rohingya.

From the Times of India:

Thirty-two Myanmarese nationals were arrested from the Kolkata railway station on Wednesday morning while they were trying to board the Jammu Tawi Express.

Apart from 25 men, four women and three children were in the group. None of them had valid documents to show that they had crossed over into India legally. Authorities are now trying to ascertain whether they are members of the Rohingya community from the Arakan region of Myanmar.

The arrest sent ripples in the police headquarters at Lalbazar because some members of this community are known to receive arms training in camps run by the HuJI and then return to Myanmar to fight the military junta there. Some of them remain with the HuJI.


Security agencies suspect the Myanmarese nationals may have been living in Bangladesh as refugees and then crossed over to India.

Who are the HuJI?   Go here to learn more.

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