Human Rights First wants Obama to designate an Iraqi Refugee Czar

I must say I feel just a tiny bit of sympathy for Obama.  Every single special interest feels that he is their man, they got him elected, they want a piece of him and by golly he better come through for them.

Human Rights First wants an Iraqi Refugee Czar in the White House and is calling for the resettlement of 60,000 Iraqis to the US over 2 years.    Well at least 60,000 is better than Refugees International’s demand for 105,500 (in one year).   Meanwhile only a small fraction of the 13,000 we brought this past fiscal year have found work.

WASHINGTON // Human Rights First, one of the most vocal advocates of the Iraqi refugees, is calling on president-elect Barack Obama to make good on his campaign commitments to displaced Iraqis by appointing an Iraqi refugee coordinator in the White House.

The New York-based group also wants Obama to hold the Iraqi government to refugee-related benchmarks, to improve the effectiveness of humanitarian aid to the region and to announce a two-year campaign to resettle 60,000 of the most vulnerable Iraqi refugees.

Do you ever wonder if all these groups sqaubble among themselves over these numbers?

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