Blogger: How Islamic Immigration Reverses Civil Rights in the West

Using the UK as a primary example, blogger Sultan Knish has written an essay I highly recommend you read.   I’ve never seen this blog, but plan to visit frequently from now on.  Here is a paragraph to wet your appetite and to remind readers that Sweden, and Australia too, are having  really tough times coping with their large numbers of Muslim immigrants unwilling to accept Western society’s civil rights.

The epidemic of gang rapes by Muslim immigrants in Sweden, Australia and elsewhere in the West are a cultural and religious problem that goes unacknowledged. They are the outgrowth of a belief system that views first non-Muslims and especially non-Muslim women as inferior and open to the taking. But they could not continue without a political and academic climate that discourages any criticism of Islam, and presumes that Western beliefs are inherently bad and non-Western beliefs are inherently good.

And here is her (I assume Sultan Knish is a ‘she’, the eyes are too pretty for a ‘he’) concluding paragraph.

King Sharia rules across Europe, violence and brutality is his penal code, and the silence and complacency of nations is his throne. The challenge is to uproot that throne before it hardens and becomes permanent. Before custom becomes law, that generations have grown up with. And the paradox is that it is the very people aiding Muslim immigration who have the most to suffer from it. The ideal of a liberal society is incompatible with a Muslim society. The two cannot and will not co-exist for long. Either the Sword of Islam or the Guarantees of Human Freedom must prevail.

Read the whole thing here.

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