2009 Diversity Visa lottery winners were announced yesterday

Perhaps, the ultimate lottery for 50,000 plus winners!  Each year in its infinite wisdom, and apparently because we don’t have enough diversity (or enough poverty), the US State Department holds a lottery for would-be immigrants from countries that don’t send tons of immigrants here already.   See my November post for the 2010 Diversity Visa deadline, here.

Just now I was reading this post from Atlas Shrugs earlier this month and it prompted me to look for the final list of countries for this year.  Much to my surprise the list was released yesterday, here.  How is that for good timing!   Check out the list but be prepared to be sick.

Back in May I reported that there was a bill introduced in Congress that would kill this program, assuming it would ever see the light of day in the Democratic Congress.  I don’t know where it stands at this point.

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