Al-Shabaab throws UN out of Somalia (?), calls US the head of world infidels

I started to write this post yesterday, but had no time to finish it.  First I had received the press release purportedly from Al-Shabaab (below) saying the Jihadists had raided and closed United Nations offices and thought the story was new, but it isn’t.  It is a couple days old. 

I found this Bloomberg article from Monday that reports that the UN is trying to get its “humanitarian” work up and running again.  I don’t know if they did or did not, but frankly that isn’t the point I want to make here.

This is the message to all the UN-loving humanitarian do-gooders basking in the warm after-glow  of the Obama Cairo speech.    Please note that they hate you too!  The Islamists who want to bring Shariah law to Somalia and the world don’t give a flying crap (sorry!) how nice you are and that your intentions are good ones.  Please go back and listen to the American Al-Shabaab, Al-Amriki, having a good sneer at Obama’s mystical charisma here.

In fact, when the UNHCR bends over backwards to be fair in resettling Muslims to the West (they don’t dare show favoritism to those Christian Iraqi refugees!), the Islamists are laughing their heads off because you (the UN and the leftist refugee industry) are helping them spread their ideology around the world.  (Remember Al-Hijra, the Islamic doctrine of immigration).

P.S.  Islamic Shariah law also says infidels must be warned in advance of being attacked.  NGO’s consider yourself warned.

The press release from Al-Shabaab on Monday.

I’m posting the whole press release as it came across my desk yesterday thanks to Bill.   Seems it is true, and it look like it’s from MEMRI here.   I’m posting it to demonstrate the love the Islamists have for the UN and all its liberal do-gooders.

New readers, Al-Shabaab is the Jihadist group believed to be recruiting in the US Somali refugee community.

Posted this morning on various jihadist sites:

A press release issued by the Office of Political Affairs and Regional Administrations of the Shabaab al Mujahidiin Movement regarding various non-governmental organizations and foreign committees working in Somalia

1 – We are officially announcing the formation, beginning today, 27 Rajab 1430, corresponding to July 20, 2009, of the Office to Supervise the Affairs of the Foreign Committees. This office will be charged with following the movements of non-governmental organizations and foreign committees operating in the country. Coordination of their operations will be handled through this office, and this office will ensure the content of what they are presenting to the public.

All of the non-governmental organizations and foreign committees are required to immediately contact the Office to Supervise the Affairs of the Foreign Committees in each Islamic state under the control of the Movement where the non-governmental organization of foreign committee wants to work. They will be informed of the conditions and restrictions that are imposed on them to continue their work in the country.

Any non-governmental organization or foreign committee ith proven involvement in conducting projects against Islam and Muslims in Somalia or aimed at disrupting the formation of an Islamic State in the country will have their offices closed immediately and will be subject to the full extent of punishment in accordance with Sharia law.

2 Beginning from the publishing of this announcement, a number of non-governmental organizations and foreign committees currently operating in Somalia have had their offices completely closed permanently because they are considered to be hostile to Islam and Muslims. They are the following:

the United Nations Development Program

the United Nations Office for Peace and Security

the United Nations Political Office for Somalia

The decision for closure and expulsion has already been made for these committees after a precise examination of their activities and the true motivations behind their presence in Somalia. Their involvement in activities hostile to Islam and Muslims and their attempts to preclude the formation of an Islamic state in parts of Somalia have already been proven. Among the evidence of their hostility towards Islam, is their aid to the apostate government in Somalis and their participation in supplying and training militias to fight the Mujahidiin, in addition to fundraising and lobbying on behalf of the mercenary African forces in Mogadiscu.

It has also been confirmed that they aided remnants of the apostate militia as they regrouped in border areas adjacent to Islamic states with the goal of disrupting security and stability in these states.

Note that previously, all of the offices of the two organizations ‘imc’ and ‘care’ were closed after we stumbled onto evidence that showed their participation in activities hostile to Islam and their involvement in intelligence activities on behalf of the United States of America – the head of world infidels. Some of these activities led to the assassination of Sheikh Abu Muhsin Al Ansari Adam Airo – May Allah have mercy on him.


The Office of Political Affairs and Regional Administrations 

This and what comes after are remarks from the publishing of this statement from this office. A battalion of the al-Hesbah Army left the city of Baidooa and went to the offices of the United Nations. All of the funds and equipment and tools there were confiscated. From another side, the al-Hesbah Army in a city located in the state of Bakool did the same thing at the same time and gave the state a mandate for United Nations employees to leave the areas belonging to the Islamic State, and the matter happened as spoken. Praise and thanks and glory be to Allah.

O God, Revealer of the book, Disperser of the clouds, Defeater of the parties, defeat the Crusaders, and their apostate allies!

O God, make them and their equipment easy booty for Muslims!

O God, destroy them and shake them!

O God, You are the one who helps us and the one who assists us, with Your power we move and by Your power we fight!

God is Great!

But honor belongs to Allah, and thus to His Messenger, and to the Believers; but of this the hypocrites are not aware

(Partial Koranic verse; Al-Munafiqun 63:8)

The Media Section of the Mujahidin Youth Movement Al-Usra Army in Somalia

July 20,2009

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