NumbersUSA expose’: it is all about cheap labor and votes for the Democratic party

Note to humanitarians:   I can’t help it, I gotta say it!  We told you so!!!  

NumbersUSA has an incredible scoop on a secret meeting in DC last month where big business lobbyists and open borders activists plotted strategy on how to get more immigrants into the US.   As Glenn Beck would say, “blood was shooting from my eyes” as I read the revealing report on how to trick the public and shaft American workers.   Called “Storming the Hill National Summit,”  you must read the account of the meeting at NumbersUSA website, here.   The cynical discussion by the assembled elitists and powerbrokers will blow your mind.   Hat tip:  Blue Ridge Forum.

The setting? The Marriott convention hotel in the fashionable Dupont Circle district of Washington, D.C. Date? June 15, 2009. Participants? A coalition of big-business oriented, pro-Open Borders dedicated groups, corporations, and lobbyists. Organizer? Tamar Jacoby and her newly-formed ImmigrationWorksUSA lobbying group.

The doors were closed. Reporters and members of the public barred. Confidence that their words were private and their plans secret loosened the tongues of most speakers. Embarrassing admissions were made. Several preposterous claims were forwarded. Numerous shameful methods and motivations admitted to.

The “Storming the Hill National Summit” was predictable in its “backstab the workers” sentiment. Nonetheless, the following makes for some fascinating reading. One of the attorneys present took copious notes and turned up with a conscience. We got the notes.

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Tamar Jacoby (Pres. of Immigration Works USA) had this to say at the outset:

We are having the conference because we failed last time [to pass amnesty in 2007] and we must change. We did none of the things the opposition did. Opponents sent over a million faxes. We need to learn to leverage grass roots power. The basic goal is to promote the free flow of labor into the USA.

Republican traitors.

Near the end of the story, NumbersUSA VP Jim Robb asks this question:

Why are Republican activists Tamar Jacoby, Grover Norquist, and several other long-time GOP hacks at this meeting so excited about building a permanent Democratic Party majority by “locking in” Hispanic votes?

Why indeed?  We don’t know who Tamar Jacoby is, but we have written on many occasions about Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform, lobbying for more Muslim immigrants.   We first learned about him when he promoted the resettlement of thousands of Iraqis to the US.   Start with this post and follow links to other posts on Norquist working against the best interests of taxpayers and average American citizens. 

Fascism and Corporatism

Please go revisit Judy’s post in early June where she discusses Jonah Goldberg’s hypothesis about ‘fascism and corporatism’ to better understand how and why the Left has gotten into bed with big business.

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