American Al Shabaab, Al-Amriki, is from Alabama!

We told you about Abu Mansour al-Amriki  in April here and here where he mocks Obama’s charisma.   He is the white American who has become a leader of the Jihadist group Al Shabaab in Somalia.   Fox News is reporting today that he is Omar Hammami from Daphne, Alabama.  There is speculation that he has been helping recruit Somali former refugees to join him in Africa.

A week after the 9/11 attacks, a young Muslim at South Alabama University told the school’s newspaper it was “difficult to believe a Muslim could have done this.”

Now, eight years later, he is professing to launch attacks himself and calling on others to join the fight, as terror-related charges await him at home in Alabama, FOX News has learned exclusively.

Abu Mansour al-Amriki — or “The American” — has become one of the most recognizable and outspoken voices of terrorist propaganda.

He has been in war-torn Somalia for several years, fighting the secular government there with a group known as al-Shabaab, which has ties to Al Qaeda and was labeled a terrorist organization by the U.S. government last year. Only recently has he taken on a starring — and jarring — role in al-Shabaab’s outreach efforts.


He was born Omar Hammami in May 1984, and he grew up outside Mobile, Ala., in the city of Daphne.

Read the whole article and the links for our previous posts and see how he wants to extend his sword to Obama, and to heck with that “extending the hand” nonsense!

More here from Jerry Gordon at New English Review.

Albany refugee office has problems; blogger suggests steps for you to learn more about offices near you

We have previously discussed the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) office in Albany, NY here.  Please go read that post to better understand the background and how the refugees might not be well-served by that agency.   We have also previously posted on Peter Huston a blogger and refugee volunteer who would also like to see reforms to the present refugee resettlement program.  See  three previous posts here.

Yesterday Mr. Huston posted the following—a further criticism of USCRI, but he does a larger service by reminding us generally to check out the agencies where we live too.  More often then not, the assumption is made that because an agency is presumed to do good work, no one dares to examine if that is true or not mostly because it is considered politically incorrect to even make a suggestion that refugees might suffer under the care of an agency contracted to help them.  Just go check out that Houston Horror story of two days ago to see what I mean.

Anyway here is what Mr. Huston said.  This is the bare bones, please go read the details at his blog.

Within this blog I have made some pretty harsh condemnations of USCRI-Albany, the local refugee center, and the way it operates. Quite frankly, I don’t really enjoy writing these things, then again in the last two weeks I’ve run into a couple people who know the center. They agree that the place is extremely disorganized and just rolled their eyes when it was mentioned. And interestingly enough, these were both people who had no idea how I felt about the center or that I had any real connection with it or even had a connection with refugees.

Mr. Huston then goes on to tell you what kind of things you should be looking for in your community.

Here’s some thoughts on how to do that.

1) Check the newspaper or read blogs. Do google searches on the name of the organization. See what people are saying about it.

2) Check the rate of turn over among employees and volunteers. 

3) Check with the agencies it works with and their volunteers. Ask for instance, their landlord, the people who rent them property and house the refugees, AAA Used Furniture, the local health clinics, the churches they work with, and the local literacy volunteer program. 

4) Check with the government agencies that do business with it.

5) Ask former refugees and immigrants from the ethnic groups whose members are served by the local refugee center.

6) Check with the Better Business Bureau.

Again, don’t listen to me. Please don’t listen to former interns. Just do your own homework. Then make your own conclusions.

Good advice, first do some research and get the facts as Mr. Huston suggests.   If you find that refugees are being treated badly for whatever reason,  or laws are being broken, or that taxpayer funds are being wasted or misused, take the next step and go to your local media, tell the US State Department,  tell your Representatives in Congress.  Do whatever it takes!

How many refugees have arrived this fiscal year?

FY2009 is rapidly coming to a close.  Fy2010 begins on October 1st and we are on watch to see how many refugees the Obama administration will propose to bring into the US this coming year.  Obama will shortly be releasing his Determination Letter to Congress that sets the ceiling for FY2010.   I want to emphasize setting a ceiling here because that is what the determination letter does even if the refugee industry and its media lackeys want to say it’s a goal they expect to reach.

In light of the economy and the fact that we have one horror story after another of refugees not finding employment and being scared out of their wits they will be evicted from their already substandard apartments (see Houston, here for example), I would hope that Obama would lower the ceiling for the coming year.   But, fat chance of that happening.

Obama and his fellow followers of the Alinsky/Cloward-Piven strategy know that to facilitate change they need hordes of unhappy poor people who need “services” and thereby bring crisis —so that the government will have to step in and take more control.   I know it sounds insane and that is why it has taken us so long to figure out why anyone would purposefully use poor immigrants as pawns in a political game.  It is to expand the reach of government.

Back to how many refugees came this year.   I wish I had discovered it sooner, but that Cultural Orientation Resource Center website I just told you about has some handy dandy statistics.     FY2009 wraps up in a few weeks and we are close to the ceiling set by George Bush last year.  I would suspect that only in the year following 9/11 when refugee numbers plummeted was there any substantial deviation from the ceiling.

Bush set the ceiling  for the year we are ending at 80,000 but you can see they are all doing their darndest to hit it.  As of August 31st  the US State Department had admitted 65,602 refugees.  Look for more news stories this month of overwhelmed refugee offices around the country as there is a crush just before the deadline.

Go check it out.  Burmese, Iraqis and Bhutanese top the list but there is a fairly hefty number of Somalis as well.

Cultural Orientation Resource Center: how to be sensitive to the Islamic culture of immigrants and refugees

I told you about the Cultural Orientation Resource Center back in July here, but obviously I didn’t spend enough time investigating the site, truthfully zero time!  Last night the other thing that reader John brought to my attention (in addition to a GoV post yesterday) was this link for a report on Muslim refugees in the US.  It says its geared to “service providers” who have to resettle refugees.  This is from the preface:

This booklet is a basic introduction to the worldview of Muslim peoples as manifested in their religion and culture. It is designed primarily for service providers and others assisting Muslim refugees in their new communities in the United States.

I look forward to reading it carefully, but I assume its purpose is to teach us how not to offend and how to modify our behavior based on their religious requirements.  That’s what Baron Bodissey was getting at with the “probes” in my previous post.

The Cultural Orientation Resource Center is funded by the State Department but its site looks like its a non-profit or some perversion of a non-profit.  I really hate this blurring of lines between non-profits and government—it really is NOT good government.  And, frankly that is one of my most important driving forces behind writing this blog.  If taxpayers are paying for something their money should be accountable through federal agencies and the Congress, not hidden and unaccountable as it is with the resettlement contractors—the Top Ten volags and their affiliates.

Oh gee, what a coincidence, check out the ‘partners’ page at the CORC website, there are the volags again and a whole list of ‘who’s who’ in the refugee industry.

Reader helps put the pieces together on Islamic expansionism

Thanks to reader John for sending me a couple of links last night that help broaden our understanding of the advance of Islam.  First he cites a post yesterday by our friend Baron Bodissey at the Gates of Vienna blog.   Mr. Bodissey discusses at length what he calls “probes.”    Probes could take many forms but basically they are actions (some violent, some not)  by Islamic groups and individuals to push us to accept the Islamic way of life.  We have written about this before in our category, the stealth jihad.

I would add one additional observation.  The “probe” is a basic tenet of the Alinsky “community organizing” strategy.  It is plain old “agitation.”  Read Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” (Obama’s bible) and you will see what I mean.  The basic idea is to make people feel uncomfortable, create chaos and crisis, and then the people (and governments!) beg for relief and give in to the demands in order to bring “change” and get some peace.  Peace is an illusion.  There will never be peace because they will then push for the next step. 

Of course, Alinsky (Obama?) was going for a Marxist-style, ultimately one world, government.  The Radical Left is working with Islamists now, but the Islamists are going for a one world government of a different sort—quite a different sort than the Radical Left, and one day they will discover that their goals are mutually exclusive. Regular readers know that my prediction is that the Islamists will destroy the Communists if it gets that far!  Why? because the Islamists are smarter and they are driven by religious zeal wholly lacking and underestimated by secularists and atheists.

As I said at the top, John sent me more than one interesting link which I will discuss in a separate post.