SEIU lobbying in asylum case

The Service Employee International Union, Obama’s special friends, are busy lobbying for an Albanian woman and her daughter who came to the US on tourist visas, overstayed the visa and now want to remain permanently in the US.   See the whole story here at VDARE and see how you can get involved.

So what gives, why is a union which ostensibly is organized to help people keep their jobs and be protected in the workplace busy lobbying to keep illegal aliens in the US?  I’ve reported on the SEIU on many previous occasions and unfortunately have no time this morning to find you the links.   Just search RRW for SEIU and learn how they are a special pet union of the Obama Administration and see their ties to George Soros, the Tides Foundation, the Apollo Alliance, ACORN, and even the Sierra Club.  They are ringleaders of the open borders/communist movement that requires millions of poor angry immigrants to bring “change.”  The immigrant workers are the fuel for the revolution.

Just a reminder that asylees get all the benefits that refugees receive which includes help with housing, food stamps, health care, English lessons and job counseling.