They (progressives) have their boot heels on the necks of the poor

That is what David Horowitz told Glenn Beck on Friday.  Horowitz should know well how the Radical Left operates since he was once a Communist and  travelled in the same circles as the likes of  Obama’s friend and former neighbor Bill Ayers.

See this youtube clip.  (Hat tip: Paul)  He makes his points more articulately than I have in our community destablization posts where I have been trying to say the same thing.  Horowitz says in about 2 minutes what I’ve been attempting to get across for the last 10 months!  Be sure to visit Horowitz’s Freedom Center to learn more about what they do.  I especially recommend “Discover the Networks.”  It’s a useful research tool which I use often to understand the money and power flowing through the American Left.

Update September 7th:   Be sure to read the comments to this post for more on Horowitz.

Jawa Report: 5th Minnesota Somali “youth” killed in Somalia

The Jawa Report directs us to the Terror Free Somalia Foundation to learn more. 

An exclusive story from our friends at the Terror Free Somalia Foundation (HT: Rahm), a fifth jihadist from the Minneapolis Somali community, Mohamoud Hassan, was killed in an ambush on Friday as he and his friends were on their way to break their daily Ramadan fast.

I’ll have more when I get a link to a US publication such as the Star Tribune that has been following the story of former refugees joining the Jihad.

Oh, by the way, don’t forget to check out Al-Amriki identified by FBI, here.

Political Mavens blogger adds to our understanding of how we got so many Muslim refugees from Bill Clinton’s war in the Balkans

I don’t have the time or energy to thoroughly sort out Clinton’s war but have wondered why on earth we took, as refugees, the largest group of Muslims we have ever taken—more than Somalis even— from this war.

Here is a blog posting I just came across that adds some more details that I found especially interesting because it seems that Albanians* are in fact popping up everywhere these days.  

The post is about the plight of the Roma (Muslims also according to this post?) and is critical of what the author calls the “Frankenstein’s monsters” we helped create, referring to the Albanians.

Indeed, we gave “refugee” status only to the culprits in the Kosovo war, resettling them throughout the U.S. and the rest of the Western world so they could plot attacks here and abroad (see Ft. Dix in 2007 and North Carolina last month). No one else got refugee status out of that NATO gig — not Kosovo’s gypsies, Serbs, Jews, Gorani, or Croats — not anyone but our prized Frankenstein’s monsters.


So, just as with the Serbian Red Cross that the mountain Muslims, the Gorani, are dependent upon to survive, these largely Muslim Roma depend on Serbian hospitals. Not unlike the humanitarian aid coming from all over Serbia to the “Kosovar” refugees during the war their clan leaders waged. Or the Albanians escaping that war — to Serbia. In other words, after devastating Serbia’s environment and economy based on fabricated tales of “anti-Albanian” and “anti-Muslim” policies — devastation the country has yet to recover from — we’ve also put them in the position of footing the bill for the damage we caused. That’s in addition to Serbia’s struggling to absorb or place the highest number of refugees in Europe, thanks to Western defacation on the Balkan peninsula.

*Albanians here, here, here, here and here.

Wouldn’t you love to know who made the decision in the Clinton years to bring all those Muslims here, over 100,000, from the Balkan region?  Was it all to supply Iowa meatpackers with cheap labor?  Or something else?

Iraqis protest : We demand to go to Australia!

Here is the whole short article from the Jakarta Post.  Thirty Iraqis say they have lousy conditions in Indonesia and hear their friends have it great in Australia. 

A group of Iraqi refugees being held in Makassar staged a rally Saturday to demand they immediately be sent to Australia.

The rally was held at the representative office of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) – United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) in the South-Sulawesi capital.

The refugees claim they have been living in poor conditions ever since their arrival in Indonesia earlier this year. The IOM has provided housing for them, but the refugees refused the offer because one house must be shared by seven people.

“Ever since we arrived here we have received poor treatment. Therefore we ask the IOM-UNHCR to send us to Australia,” one of the refugees, Ali Nazim Abdul, said in Indonesian.

He said two of his fellow refugees had fallen ill due to a lack of treatment.

“We want to leave for Australia as soon as possible. Three of our friends who have reached Australia told us they enjoyed decent treatment as refugees,” he said.

Thirty Iraqi refugees were relocated to Makassar after being stranded in Dompu in West Nusa Tenggara. They left Iraq to flee the war and seek asylum in Australia.

An IOM staff member declined to comment on the protest, but said the two international organizations were taking care of the Iraqis.

Keep in mind these Iraqis arrived as illegal aliens in Indonesia.  Legitimate asylum seekers are to ask for asylum in the first country in which they land.