South African white guy given asylum in Canada

I don’t know the background of this case, but it appears that Canadian politicians are all in a tizzy because a white South African, claiming persecution in the “rainbow nation,” has been granted (at least for the moment) asylum in Canada.

Former Canadian prime minister Joe Clark believes the decision to give “racial oppression victim” Brandon Huntley refugee status in Canada should not have happened.

A diplomatic row erupted last month when Huntley, 31, was granted refugee status in Canada on August 27 after claiming he had been attacked because of his race.

In his application Huntley, who grew up in Cape Town, claimed he was persecuted as a white man in South Africa, had been the victim of seven attempted robberies and that the South African government was doing nothing to protect him.

But the Canadian government is challenging the board’s decision in the Federal Court. “Most Canadians were astounded by the ruling,” said Clark. He refused to speculate whether Huntley would be deported.

Why “astounded?”  Isn’t it possible that persecution and bigotry can go both ways.

Gee, makes you wonder doesn’t it—maybe someday French, Germans, Swedes, Danes, Dutch and the Brits can ask for asylum in the US.

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