ARMY Times reprints AP story and I’m reminded of something

Just now I noticed that the ARMY Times has reprinted that AP story I complained about the other day—the same old story,here.  Check it out.    This is what I was reminded of:  

A reader advised me the other day to be sure especially military people wishing to help Iraqis resettle should know that the resettlement agencies have federal contracts which require certain minimum things and that those who wish to help interpreters and other Iraqis who helped the military should not do those things but give help in other ways.

Resettlement agencies are supposed to help new refugees by picking them up at the airport, providing first meals, making sure they have beds/bedding and certain furniture items, kitchen utensils and so forth.  In other words, if military people (and others) wish to help, give the Iraqi refugees items the agencies likely won’t provide.

Those items might include:  TV’s, computers, irons, microwaves, telephones, and dictionaries.

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