Rohingya Update: Muslim Bangladesh pushes Rohingya Muslims back across the border; meanwhile Burma builds a fence

No Muslim charity here.  From the Irrawaddy:

Bangladeshi authorities have increasingly cracked down on Rohingya refugees living illegally in refugee camps in Cox’s Bazaar* District in Bangladesh and pushed them back across the Burmese border, according to border sources.

Chris Lewa, coordinator of the Arakan Project, said, “At least 1,200 people have been deported to Burma since January, according to our research, and 190 people were deported in two weeks alone this month.”

Speaking to The Irrawaddy, Tin Soe, editor for the Bangladesh-based Kaladan Press Network, said: “I am not sure what the authorities are doing now. They have been arresting and deporting people almost every day this month.”

About 400,000 unregistered Rohingya refugees are living in two camps near Cox’s Bazaar, according to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR).

Lewa believes Bangladesh authorities will push back all Rohingya refugees who are not registered with the UNHCR before Burma finishes erecting the wire fence on its border.

I think its ironic that Bangladesh is worried about environmental destruction from so many refugees, while we (the Leftwing anyway) in the US don’t give it a thought when discussing immigration policy!

Bangladesh’s Foreign Minister Dipu Moni said Rohingya refugees are a heavy burden economically, socially, environmentally on Bangladesh. The Bangladesh government wants to finalize the repatriation of refugees as soon as possible. 

I first told you about Muslim extremists at Cox’s Bazaar here, in my first post in our Rohingya Reports category.  It’s only a matter of time before Rohingya will be coming to your town.

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