More from Accuracy in Media about the tangled immigration role of the USCCB

I guess the evidence is mounting that the USCCB, probably the largest refugee resettlement federal contractor, has gone to bed with far leftwing operatives on the immigration issue.  AIM is reporting now that George Soros is funding Catholic progressives and groups near and dear to the Bishops.  You might want to see my earlier post on this subject where a reader swears up and down that the Bishops are politically conservative! 

My contention is that any non-profit or church group that takes taxpayer funding is by definition not conservative and is in fact participating in the expansion of the role of the federal government.

The latest from AIM begins:

The critical role of the Catholic Church in passing national health care reform legislation is coming under serious media scrutiny. But the story has taken a strange turn. It has now been revealed that George Soros, the billionaire hedge fund operator and well-known atheist, has been pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into “progressive” Catholic groups that are significant players in the national debates over health care and immigration. 


An AIM investigation also finds, however, that Soros money has gone into the Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC), an organization established by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops back in 1988. It has received at least $530,000 from the Open Society Institute. [See my post on CLINIC, here]

The two issues merge in the fact that the Catholic Bishops are demanding that national health care legislation cover illegal aliens.

Read on, this article contains all the usual players we have been writing about this last year, including SEIU.  See our Community destabilization category for more, here.

Then at the same time I came across AIM’s latest, I also found this article listing all the Far Left grantees of the Archdiocese of Chicago, here.  More later on this, I’ve written about some groups listed here too, but gotta go for now.

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