Legal Immigration numbers: NumbersUSA has another great graphic demonstration

Posted at the top of our blog is a link to a NumbersUSA clip about the large number of immigrants coming to the US.  Today, Roy Beck, Founder and CEO of NumbersUSA has posted a fascinating youtube clip in which he demonstrates to the ‘man on the street’ how high (and how they are not in line with our past immigration tradition) our legal immigration numbers are compared to years prior to 1965.  Check it out here.

Just a reminder that higher numbers of immigrants mean less open space, more energy demands, more housing, more pollution, fewer jobs for American low income citizens, more deficit spending for public assistance, more roads, more schools, more crime and the list goes on.

For information on what you can do, go to NumbersUSA, here.

Also related, the Washington Times is reporting this morning that all versions of health care reform working their way through Congress will make health care coverage available to illegal aliens.

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