Indonesian Christian asylum seekers released from detention in Washington State

I’m assuming these are some of the detained asylum seekers that the Obama Administration has begun releasing (reported here ten days ago).   The three Indonesians are Christians and are fearful of the Muslim majority if they return to Indonesia.  From AP:

EVERETT, Wash. — Three Indonesian immigrants who are fighting deportation because they say their Christian faith would lead to persecution in their native country have been released from a detention center in Washington.

The release of the immigrants is the latest episode in an effort by Christian Indonesian nationals from Western Washington and around the country to stay in the United States, the Everett Herald reported Sunday.

Indonesia, a country of more than 200 million people, has witnessed deadly clashes between Muslims and Christians in recent years. Beheadings, hundreds of deaths and church burnings have all been linked to religious tensions. Indonesia is about 86 percent Muslim.

What makes Westerners think that as the Muslim population increases in the decades ahead that we won’t suffer the same persecution as Christians in Muslim countries face today?

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