Ft. Morgan Somali murder update, alleged murderer is “a religious man”

I’ve been keeping an eye out for any more news about the murder of a young Somali woman in the welcoming city of Ft. Morgan, CO last fall.  The woman, a former refugee, was watching TV with friends when the doorbell rang.  She answered it and was stabbed to death by another Somali with the same last name (I know those clan names may not mean they were close relatives, but no report ever clarifies the relationship or how the two knew each other).

To review what happened in a case that initially had a gag order placed on it, go here and here for the earlier reports and links to additional posts on the story.

Here is the entire story today from the Ft. Morgan Times:

A plea agreement could be in the works for Ahmed Abdi of Greeley, accused of a fatal stabbing outside a local apartment last fall.

Disposition or an arraignment was continued Friday in Morgan County District Court to Feb. 8 at 1:30 p.m. In either case, Abdi would be expected to enter a plea then.

Under a plea agreement revealed in court Friday by District Attorney Robert Watson, Abdi would plead guilty to second-degree murder and receive a 24-year prison sentence.

Abdi is accused of second-degree murder and first- and second-degree assault in the Nov. 3 death of Warsen Aden Abdi, 27, in the hall outside an apartment in Fort Morgan.

Watson said the victim’s mother had agreed to the plea bargain and that the victim’s brother had wanted a death penalty case but agreed to the proposal.

Public defender J. Brandeis Sperandeo said the defendant was a religious man, that Morgan County jail did not have a Koran and that his office had come up with a Koran and other religious books.

He asked Judge Douglas Vannoy for a court order to provide Abdi with the books; Vannoy said that at this time it would be a jail administrative matter.

Abdi has been in Morgan County jail on $300,000 bond since his arrest in Greeley shortly after the incident.

It’s too bad if there isn’t a trial because I guess that is the only way the public would know if this is an honor killing or not.  Surely the politically correct media won’t be investigating.

Go to this old 9News story for a photo of the alleged murderer and religious man, Ahmed Abdi.

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