NC Rep. Sue Myrick tries to have a dialogue with her growing Muslim constituency

Update March 1st:  Charlotte Islamic leader and Myrick critic connected to terror-funding group, here!

We have mentioned Rep. Sue Myrick (R-NC) on a couple of occasions at RRW (here and here), and Judy and I heard her speak in Washington a few years ago.  We were glad that someone in Washington was speaking as forcefully as she was about Islamic supremacism. 

However, this week she held a townhall meeting in her hometown of Charlotte, NC that turned contentious at times.   There are dozens of stories about this meeting you can find with a search on the internet, but here is just one I chose from the local paper, the Charlotte Observer.   I understand her desire to try to build bridges, but she will be attacked and continue to be attacked whenever she links terrorism to Islam no matter how truthful a point she makes.   This whole initiative, urging a public meeting, demonstrates a clever Muslim community (likely with Far Left backers) has targeted her for defeat in her re-election bid.  I don’t see where doing a public meeting benefited her at all and it looks to me that she was politically out-maneuvered. 

In a testy two-hour town hall meeting, U.S. Rep. Sue Myrick argued Thursday night that the threat of homegrown Islamist terrorism is real and defended herself against charges by local Muslims that she was spreading fear about their religion

Using charts, maps, handouts and even a video slamming a Charlotte TV station, the Charlotte Republican told the crowd of about 175 people, most of them Muslims, that she has never condemned Islam or linked moderate Muslims with terrorism.

“I’m talking about the sympathizers and supporters of a radical agenda,” she said. “It’s not that all Muslims are bad or all Muslims are trying to do this.”

Hoping to repair her relations with a Muslim community that has taken her comments over the years as inflaming hatred, Myrick said she agreed to the town hall meeting to “build bridges” with her Muslim constituents. She invited them to join her in opposing those who she said were “trying to hijack” Islam.

Several Muslim speakers at the Government Center in uptown Charlotte commended Myrick for sponsoring the beginning of a dialogue, and invited her to follow-up sessions at mosques around town.

Still, many of the questions and comments from Muslims showed an anger that has simmered for years over often-provocative comments by Myrick, a member of the House Intelligence Committee.

In 2003, for instance, she seemed to suggest that convenience stores run by Muslims might be havens for homegrown terrorists.

Read the whole article and note how this convenience store statement in 2003 was used against her.

On this point about convenience stores, Myrick’s staff needs to do some research so that she can answer this criticism more thoroughly because she is correct as we have reported many times on these pages (search ‘food stamp fraud’).  The federal government is raiding mostly Muslim-run or owned convenience stores in many states because of widespread food stamp fraud and in many of those cases the charges involve sending money overseas.   Here is one in her home state of North Carolina.  It doesn’t say the money is going to terrorist activity but you can bet the seed money to start these stores in many immigrant cities isn’t the result of some poor immigrant schlub scraping his few dollars together.  This scam is obviously a well-orchestrated and funded strategy to rip off American dhimmis initiated abroad.

I hope she had a comeback on the Timothy McVeigh comment as well, but the Charlotte Observer doesn’t mention one.

She would have also been wise to mention that one of 5 states where the 270 Illegal Somalis (possibly linked to the terror group Al-Shabaab) have been reportedly dispersed is North Carolina.  Why North Carolina?  It’s my guess that since North Carolina is being flooded with refugees by the US State Department (NC is in the top ten refugee receiving states), it becomes a good state in which to hide illegal aliens.  And, for some reason North Carolina is growing a large Muslim population and this is not happening by chance.  They need to get rid of Myrick (make sure she is not re-elected)  in order to move forward with their plans for a stealth jihad in North Carolina.

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