Catholic Charities criticised for treatment of gay Iraqi refugees

It is not clear which Catholic Charities neglected this gay couple, but it looks like Nashville Catholic Charities is one of the agencies that did not follow the Operational Guidance required by the US State Department as part of their contract with the government.   Here is the gist of the story from the Dallas Voice:

Two gay Iraqi refugees who are living in Houston came to Dallas for the Creating Change conference earlier this month seeking assistance.

After being kidnapped, raped, robbed and stabbed in Baghdad, Yousif Ali and Nawfal Muhamed escaped to Syria and were given refugee status by the United Nations. The United States granted them asylum.

But after arriving in the United States, Catholic Charities, which administers many of the federally funded programs for refugees, provided only limited assistance.

Other refugees are given furnished apartments. Ali and Muhamed were sent to different cities.

On his own, Muhamed made it to Houston from Nashville where Ali had been given a bare apartment and left to sleep on the floor. [This is a State Department no-no but we keep hearing the same story—bare apartment, no beds—from many cities in the US.]

They were housed near other Iraqis where they remained in danger and continued to be abused because of their sexual orientation.*

The Unitarian Universalist office at the United Nations, the only faith-based U.N. office with an LGBT refugee program, brought the pair to the Dallas conference hoping to find some help.

* In some Muslim countries homosexuals are even killed because of their sexual orientation.  Coincidentally we only last month heard a professor from Vanderbilt Univ. in Nashville confirm the Islamic prohibition about homosexuality.  When choosing a neighborhood in which to place refugees, Catholic Charities in Nashville should have been more knowledgeable about that Muslim prejudice and the Islamic (Shariah law) requirement that gays be killed.   Watch the film from Vanderbilt, here, at Jihad Watch.

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