The immigration jihad laying siege to the Gates of Vienna

….and the rest of the western world.

On the night before Easter, here is a depressing article by Daniel Greenfield published at Canada Free Press.

Several hundred years ago when the forces of Islam wanted to capture Vienna, they came with the sword and the cannon and laid siege to the city walls. Today they simply take a plane. While Vienna was able to resist repeated sieges, it was not able to resist Islamic immigration, and as a result the city looks a good deal more the way it would have had it fallen to an actual siege. Today as much as a third of Vienna is of foreign origin. And as many as 50 percent of Viennese schoolchildren have a non-German language as their mother tongue.

Immigrants want Sharia law introduced in Austria

Austria itself is projected to have as many as half a million Muslims. This would be catastrophic enough in a country with a smaller population than the state of New Jersey, but it is far more catastrophic considering how much of that population skews youthful. The Muslim birth rate is nearly double that of the Protestant and Catholic birth rates. This results in a demographic shift in which statistics may deceptively peg the Muslim population of a country at only a fraction of its real power and growth potential, thereby blinding the government and the population to the reality of how bad things already are.

The practical implications of this are obvious enough, as they are everywhere else. The majority of Turkish immigrants polled by the Interior Ministry said that they want to see Sharia law introduced in Austria. Those same immigrants also stated by a decisive majority that Islamic laws were more important than Austrian laws, and blamed “democracy” for crime. The Austrian government has predictably tried to treat it as an integration problem, but as the survey shows, Muslims are enthusiastic enough about integration. They just mean to integrate Austrians into an Islamic Republic of Austria, rather than the other way around.

The example of Vienna, where the Islamic conquest of Europe was once halted, is a telling testament to the power of the Immigration Jihad. What the armies of Islam could not do en masse over several centuries, a permissive attitude toward Islamic immigration managed to do in only a few decades. The Gates of Vienna have not only been breached, they have been occupied by the enemy. And now the motto of the Vienna Tourism Bureau urging visitors to come is, “Vienna: Now or Never”.

Read about Detroit, Michigan and Buffalo, NY too.  Read it all, here.

Is the GOP waffling on immigration reform?

Remember I told you recently that in conjunction with the March on America a couple of weeks ago, some open borders activists held a sit-in at GOP headquarters and as a result were promised a meeting with GOP chairman Michael Steele.  I thought the sit-in was pretty outrageous since it was right in the middle of the debate on whether Tea Party activists were agressive.  No one in the mainstream media even reported the sit-in.  Just imagine if Tea Partiers had bullied their way into DNC headquarters!  It would have led the nightly news on CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC and CNN. 

Michael Steele gave them their meeting and here is their report:

Yesterday, 10 FIRM leaders met with Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele to discuss immigration reform. The meeting was a direct result of a sit-in that activists staged on March 22nd at RNC headquarters. After the meeting, the leaders reported that Steele committed to:

…work with Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and the party’s leadership to enlist another Republican senator’s support for comprehensive and bipartisan immigration reform.

However, only a few hours later, a spokesperson for the RNC issued a statement denying any such commitment and backing away from support of immigration reform.

Read the rest of the article at the FIRM website.  How did the two sides come away with such diametrically opposed conclusions about what happened in the meeting?