Catholic leaders to Iraqi Christian refugees: sorry we aren’t political

What!  Here we have a gang of Catholic leaders, including Bishops from North America, who visited Syria recently ostensibly to see the plight of Iraqi Christians who have been persecuted in Iraq (by Muslims) and with a pat on the head and an offer to pray for them basically brushed them off. 

Bishops:  Gee, isn’t it good enough that we have come to see you!  What? You want help to get out of Syria?  Not us, we aren’t political!  Besides, we have taken our 30 pieces of silver.

I wonder have these Catholic Church leaders ever heard of the uber-political US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) who are busy resettling Muslims in cities where you live?  (Don’t tell me they have to resettle Muslims as part of their contract with the State Department, they could stand on principle, eschew tax dollars, use their own money and help the Iraqi Christians!)

From Catholic News Service:

The women had come to see North American Catholic leaders, who were being given a tour of the compound that includes a health clinic and dispensary for the poor, classrooms and a kitchen where a daily meal is prepared for more than 400 families — mostly Iraqi Christian refugees.


Through a translator, one of the refugees asked the church leaders, “What can be done for Christians who are being uprooted from Iraq?”

“I think the most important thing we can do, first of all, is to be here and to see you and to let you know that you are in our hearts,” said Msgr. Robert Stern, secretary-general of the Catholic Near East Welfare Association. He emphasized that although the visitors represented the Catholic Church and the Vatican, “We are not politicians.”


“Even though we live in Western countries, we cannot control the policies of the countries or the United Nations,” he added.

“We are not politicians!”  Oh really then why were you leading marches on Washington lately or lobbying on Obamacare?

Canada fighting tooth and nail to rescind decision on granting white South African asylum

We told you about the initial decision here last October to give refugee status in Canada to a white South African, Brandon Huntley, because Huntley claimed he faced persecution in the ‘rainbow’ Nation because he is white.   In light of recent events in South Africa (detailed here at Atlas Shrugs) I believe it is going to be increasingly difficult for Canada to now renege on its earlier decision on Huntley.  If they send him back now he is a dead man.

You can tell they are scared as hell that “white people” could be the subjects of racial persecution anywhere in the world because that would really turn the tables on the worldview of the Leftwing lovers of the 1951 UN Convention on Refugees.  I raised the specter here just last week.

This is from the Times last weekend:

The 31-year-old made international headlines in August when the Canadian immigration board granted him refugee status after it found him to be a victim of crime, genocide and affirmative action back home.

Huntley – a Cape Town-born martial arts fanatic – was declared a refugee after claiming he had been robbed, and stabbed seven times by attackers, who had called him a “white dog” and a “settler”.

Following a massive backlash, the Canadian government announced it would go to court to seek a review of the decision.

On Wednesday, the federal court in Toronto was set to hear an application by the country’s minister of immigration, Jason Kenney, for a review of this “plainly wrong” decision.

Lawyers spent the morning arguing a procedural issue as Huntley, in papers before the court, suggested the Canadians wanted a review of his case purely due to political pressure from South Africa.

“It is clear to objective observers that the applicant’s motives in commencing this judicial review were purely political and in reaction to complaints by the South African government,” Huntley’s lawyer argued in papers before the court.

Kenney, however, rubbished Huntley’s claims, accusing him of going on a “fishing expedition”.

The minister noted that the South African’s reasons for seeking a review were not the subject of the court matter.

“It is worth remembering that the reasonableness of the board’s decision is what is at issue in this judicial review application,” Kenney said.

A spokesman for the Canadian department of immigration told the Sunday Times that there were several reasons why Kenney was challenging the decision.

“The board’s decision contained several errors, including an error in its finding that Mr Huntley did not have access to state protection and an error in equating random acts of violence that Mr Huntley claimed to have experienced with persecution due to his race,” she said.

In addition to the white flight from South Africa, I envision the day when Europeans (Danes, Swedes, Brits and others) will attempt to follow Huntley to Canada or the US using the 1951 Convention on refugees to escape the Islamification of Europe.

Gordon: “…a demonstrable pushback against stealth jihad”

That is what Jerry Gordon said about the vote in a Florida city council meeting to put off adding (for now) a Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) activist and former chairman to the Human Rights Commission there.  In a post at New English Review yesterday, Gordon reports:

Another pushback against stealth jihad occured in Jacksonville, Florida. A coordinated effort by the ACT for America Chapter in Jacksonville, Florida Security Council, Former Muslims United and a major state political figure stopped cold an attempt by the Mayor and City council to ‘rubber stamp’ the appointment to the City Human Rights Commission of former Council of American Islamic relations (CAIR) National Chairman, Professor Parvez Ahmed of the University of North Florida. Professor Ahmed is a vigorous proponent of Sharia Finance. Ahmed lead CAIR, a Muslim Brotherhood front group, from 2005 until his resignation in July, 2008.

After being besieged with emails and calls, the Jacksonville City council voted 12 to 5 to defer the vote, originally scheduled for today, April 13, to early next week. Under Jacksonville City Council Res. 2010-193, Ahmed would have been appointed to the municipal Human Rights Commission for an initial one year term. That may not eventuate given today’s coordinated surprise.


Today was an example of what happens when a working coalition of grass roots activists, former Muslims, and state political leaders intervene to get local politicians to wake up about perpetrating perfidy by appointing a former CAIR national chairman Pervez Ahmed to the City’s Human Rights Commission. The irony is that Pervez is steeped in doctrinal Islam that rejects the human rights of all unbelievers and sanctions death Fatwas against former Muslims.

This was a demonstrable push back against ‘stealth jihad’.

Read it all.

What’s up with this ‘human rights commissions and directors’ issue?  Is this the latest push by Islamic supremacists and the Far Left to control speech and frankly you.  I noticed in the post I wrote about St. Cloud, here, that the professor was demanding the city of St. Cloud hire a “human rights director.”  They really are a bunch of fascist control freaks!

What a coincidence, CAIR is involved in St. Cloud too!