Gordon: “…a demonstrable pushback against stealth jihad”

That is what Jerry Gordon said about the vote in a Florida city council meeting to put off adding (for now) a Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) activist and former chairman to the Human Rights Commission there.  In a post at New English Review yesterday, Gordon reports:

Another pushback against stealth jihad occured in Jacksonville, Florida. A coordinated effort by the ACT for America Chapter in Jacksonville, Florida Security Council, Former Muslims United and a major state political figure stopped cold an attempt by the Mayor and City council to ‘rubber stamp’ the appointment to the City Human Rights Commission of former Council of American Islamic relations (CAIR) National Chairman, Professor Parvez Ahmed of the University of North Florida. Professor Ahmed is a vigorous proponent of Sharia Finance. Ahmed lead CAIR, a Muslim Brotherhood front group, from 2005 until his resignation in July, 2008.

After being besieged with emails and calls, the Jacksonville City council voted 12 to 5 to defer the vote, originally scheduled for today, April 13, to early next week. Under Jacksonville City Council Res. 2010-193, Ahmed would have been appointed to the municipal Human Rights Commission for an initial one year term. That may not eventuate given today’s coordinated surprise.


Today was an example of what happens when a working coalition of grass roots activists, former Muslims, and state political leaders intervene to get local politicians to wake up about perpetrating perfidy by appointing a former CAIR national chairman Pervez Ahmed to the City’s Human Rights Commission. The irony is that Pervez is steeped in doctrinal Islam that rejects the human rights of all unbelievers and sanctions death Fatwas against former Muslims.

This was a demonstrable push back against ‘stealth jihad’.

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What’s up with this ‘human rights commissions and directors’ issue?  Is this the latest push by Islamic supremacists and the Far Left to control speech and frankly you.  I noticed in the post I wrote about St. Cloud, here, that the professor was demanding the city of St. Cloud hire a “human rights director.”  They really are a bunch of fascist control freaks!

What a coincidence, CAIR is involved in St. Cloud too!

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