New Mexico students fill in for resettlement agencies

College students in New Mexico can sign up for a class to help refugees get settled in the US and receive college credit for their work.  From the Daily Lobo:

Students are helping refugees make the transition to life in America.
The Refugee Well-being Project, a class offered through the psychology and anthropology departments, gives students the opportunity to work with refugees who are resettling in New Mexico.

Program Director Jessica Goodkind said that although some of the stresses refugees endure come from past traumas, others stem from tasks refugees have to face in the United States.

“A lot of the stress is due to how difficult it is to start life in a new place,” Goodkind said. “You don’t know anyone. You don’t have access to the resources that you need.”

The two-semester-long program trains students how to act as advocates for the refugees they are partnered with, said course instructor Brian Isakson.


Catholic Charities resettles refugee families in New Mexico and offers them a chance to participate in the UNM program.

‘I’m guessing this particular Catholic Charities isn’t a firm believer in the “tough love,” throw them out of the nest, approach we heard about in Fredericksburg, VA recently here.

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