Michelle Malkin:The Pfleger-ization of the Catholic Church

Michelle Malkin has posted a good column today in which she tells us more about the role of the Far Left US Conference of Catholic Bishops—one of the top federal refugee contractors that we have discussed many times on these pages.    Here is one post at RRW about how much of your tax dollars the USCCB receives.  95% of its refugee budget is from you when it was supposed to be a public-private partnership.   If they use only a tiny fraction of their overall funding for refugees that leaves many millions available for their political agenda.   And, I sure hope they aren’t dipping into their refugee funds for political organizing!

It’s just the sort of thing Planned Parenthood does.  They say they don’t use their taxpayer funding for abortions, but for other “educational” and political activities which then leaves more of their own funding for abortions.

Without your money the USCCB political agenda would be crippled!

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