Reform recommendation: Make big companies help support refugee labor force

Just now I was thinking about the mess in meatpacking city St. Cloud, MN and other meatpacking towns where issues with an overload of immigrants has been a problem—Garden City, KS, Greeley, CO, Shelbyville, TN, Grand Island, NE, Amarillo, TX, Ft. Morgan, CO come to mind right off the top of my head.

Why not have a federal law (or maybe states could do it) requiring large employers of legal refugee labor pay for some of the cost now borne by the public, afterall those industries benefit with reduced labor costs when hiring immigrants?

I envision any company hiring say more than 10 low-wage immigrants (from any legal program) must at minimum offer mandatory English language classes as part of the work day.  They should offer classes in assimilating to America in addition to helping the local community foot the bill for other public programs such as housing support, food stamps, school costs, emergency personel/police, and medical care. 

As it stands, the companies inundate cities with immigrant workers who are paid less now at meatpacking work (probably other industries too) then American workers were paid twenty years ago to do the same job.  The difference is that the taxpayer now picks up the cost of living for such low-wage employees through public assistance (welfare!).  And, just think, it might level the playing field for American workers.

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