Religious leaders go (far) left as flocks go right

Here is another article that addresses the growing schism in many American faith communities.   No where is the divide so great and obvious as it is on the issue of immigration.

Author James R. Edwards Jr. of the Center for Immigration Studies published at Right Side News begins:

Research demonstrates that elites and the rank-and-file in many segments of society (e.g., business, religion, organized labor) are split over immigration issues. Elites tend to manifest post-American, cosmopolitan ideologies, while their grassroots members preserve deep-seated patriotic beliefs and attitudes, including with regard to immigration.

This phenomenon has become more pronounced in recent times in religious groups.

Read it all.   How it will end is anyone’s guess.   Incidentally along with this piece read Angelo Codevilla’s excellent analysis at American Spectator from earlier this summer of the ruling class vs. the country class.   It is, in my view, exactly the same phenomenon—some church leaders are in the ruling class.  Codevilla will help you see more clearly how the political landscape in the country has shifted as the country class rears its head.

One more thought:  I continue to be perplexed as to how the religious leaders promoting more immigration (more refugees and more illegal aliens) to supply cheap labor for business (see yesterday’s post for just one example), can justify being the handmaidens of big corporations.  Would someone please explain the rationale!

Wouldn’t the Christian thing to do be to work to improve the lives of people where they live rather then uproot them from their respective cultures and place them in meatpacking jobs, or, to live in American slums with no job?

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