YOBs take over the UK

So what is a YOB you ask!   I had to look it up too—it’s British slang for rowdy, aggressive and violent young men.   It seems the Police in the UK have lost control as YOBs take over.

This is from the UK Telegraph:

Sir Denis O’Connor, the Chief Inspector of Constabulary, says the rowdy and abusive behaviour of yobs is a “disease” within communities that has been allowed to “fester” because police have retreated from the streets in the past two decades.

In a report, he claims that forces have been guilty of chasing crime statistics and targets and ignoring anti-social behaviour or “screening out” 999 calls because it is deemed “not real police work”.

“We all want civility restored to society and the public rely heavily on the police to help this happen. But the police cannot do this on their own,” says Sir Denis. “The public won’t tackle anti-social behaviour on the streets while they fear reprisals.

What is the anti-social behavior perpetrated by the YOBs?  The article doesn’t really tell us.

In the report, he says the “retreat” of beat policemen since the 1990s has been a “mistake that had undermined their connection with the public, and allowed some of these things to gather momentum”. The growing “intensity and harm” of anti-social behaviour in Britain signals a “lack of control on our streets”, he says.

The report, entitled Stop the Rot, discloses the scale of the problem.

The Opinionator gives us an idea (where the Telegraph doesn’t!) of who the perpetrators are and what the result is of the UK police losing their authority on the streets of Great Britain.   Read all about it, here.

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