Somali mother locks kids in closet, two believed to have died from asphyxiation

Brenda Walker at VDARE has the whole story from Indiana.  Check it out here.  

Be sure to watch the Youtube newsclip linked with Walker’s post.   I wondered as I read the post and watched the clip—where was the father.  The mother is 28 years old with five children already!

At the very end of the clip you learn the answer.  He is on his way back to the US from visiting Africa.  VISITING!  If we are taking thousands of Somalis every year as refugees and asylees because of the horrible and dangerous circumstances in Africa, why is he popping back for a visit?  And, where does the money for such a costly trip come from? As a matter of fact, he is not the first, we hear this is a common practice for Somalis.   Some even returned to join the Jihad.

Unrelated, but here is Walker in a Letter to the Contra Costa Times.

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