State Department Refugee big-wig in Cleveland and Pittsburgh this week

Sorry I didn’t see this sooner in case any of you wanted to say a word or two to Anne Richard,* Assistant Secretary of State for Population, Refugees and Migration, as she makes some public relations trips to Cleveland and Pittsburgh.  It’s too late for Cleveland, but anyone in the Pittsburgh area tomorrow might want to check out her visit to the Pittsburgh City Council (I wonder if they are having problems with refugees?):

Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration Anne C. Richard will travel from June 26-29, 2012, to Cleveland, Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to meet with resettled refugees, local and state government officials, resettlement agencies and other community members involved in the resettlement of refugees.

On June 27, Assistant Secretary Richard will consult with resettlement agencies and local service providers in Cleveland on a broad range of issues concerning resettled refugees. Since 2009, Cleveland has welcomed nearly 1,500 refugees from more than 20 countries.

During her visit to Pittsburgh, she will speak to members of the press prior to her meeting with the Pittsburgh City Council on June 28. The meeting is also open to members of the press. Since 2009, Pittsburgh has welcomed nearly 1,400 refugees from 13 countries.

On June 29, Assistant Secretary Richard will speak at a breakfast briefing of the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh on America’s Responsibility to Refugees: In the U.S. and Around the World.

They are getting desperate for some good press with this program.

* Formerly Ms. Richard worked for one of the big nine federal contractors—can you say revolving door!

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