At least one news outlet notices the slanted news on Burma’s Rohingya

I’ve got loads of alerts filled with stories from all over the world declaring essentially that “monks have gone wild” killing Rohingya Muslims in Burma.  So, it was a relief to see that at least this one lonely story is reporting that the world news media is slanted in favor of the Muslims (always the victims!)  and is not reporting the whole truth about recent riots in Myanmar (Burma).

Here is Global Voices:

Eight weeks after Rakhine villages were attacked, the violence in western Myanmar continues to be a top news story in the mainstream and social media. While the international community is highlighting the statelessness of the Rohingya, many Myanmar citizens feel that ethnic Rakhine who were also victims during the riots are largely ignored. Moreover, they are accusing international news agencies, including Myanmar exile media, of covering the issue from a one-sided point of view.

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The NGOs are busy building a case for more Muslim refugees to be resettled in the US.

Update August 3:

Reader sends another report about the mainstream media manipulating the news.  And, it just occurred to me that if there is no persecution against Rohingya then they cannot be deemed refugees.

Here is the story from

The violence in western Myanmar started from the brutal raping and killing of a Rakhine (formerly known as Arakan) woman by three Muslims, the fact that two of them are reportedly Rohingyas is still a headliner in mainstream media.

The riot occurred in some areas in the Rakhine state, near the border towns of Myanmar and Bangladesh, where most of the population is Rohingya. Despite the riot, other states and divisions throughout the country where a number of Muslims live remained peaceful, proving that the clash was communal-based. Some mainstream media, however, manipulated the news as a religious clash between Muslims and Buddhists in Myanmar.

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