Canada: Former Iraqi refugee charged with stabbing to death another Iraqi refugee

There has got to be more to this story!

The alleged killer has been in Canada for a couple of decades and helps other Iraqis get to Canada and then kills one of them?  Hmmmm!

I’ll bet you a buck, the alleged killer has been running some sort of crime ring.   Why do I think that?  Convenience stores—he owned three of them!   In the US, immigrant run Convenience stores have become the hub in many cities for illegal drug activity and food stamp fraud.

From The Star:

An Iraqi-Canadian who helped fellow refugees find safety in Canada has been charged with second-degree murder in connection with the stabbing of one of his own.

Azize Sepan, 48, fled Iraq in 1985 as bombs exploded around him and thousands of people died in the Iran-Iraq War. He was a registered refugee, sponsored by the Canadian government.

Since arriving in Canada, Sepan chose to help other Iraqis make similar transitions. He worked alongside World Vision, helping more than 100 Iraqis make the move.

On Wednesday, police arrested Sepan in connection with the fatal stabbing of 29-year-old Evan Gorgees — a fellow Iraqi who moved to Canada two years ago.


It is unclear whether Sepan knew Gorgees or helped him move to Canada.

The Star directs us to another five-year-old story about Sepan where we learn of his “businesses” in Toronto.

Sepan, who owns three convenience stores, a flower shop and a trading company in Greater Toronto, was disheartened last August when his godfather’s application was denied. “It just doesn’t make sense,” said the 43-year-old Vaughan resident. “Private sponsorships don’t cost the government a penny. None of the people I helped sponsor here has taken a penny of social assistance.”

Someone should write a blog (or a book) about Convenience store crimes!  Do the work old time investigative reporters used to do!  Search RRW for Food Stamp Fraud and you will have the outline for your blog or book!