Only two weeks after new Australian policy announced,1200 new “asylum seekers” have attempted to come ashore

By the way, as is the case worldwide, the majority of “asylum seekers” are in fact economic migrants looking for a better life.  But, they and their human traffickers have latched on to those words “refugees” and “asylum” knowing how most governments are too soft to turn them away.

Only a few weeks ago Australia’s Left leaning leader, Julia Gillard, announced a plan to intercept the illegal aliens arriving in boats and redirect them to Nauru and Papua New Guinea.   But, they aren’t ready to make the big move and actually do it.

From the Whitsunday Times:

MORE than 1200 asylum seekers have been intercepted trying to make it to Australia by boat since the Federal Government announced its intentions to re-open processing centres on Nauru and Manus Island.

Five boats carrying 388 people were intercepted by border protection vessels in the past two days, prompting Immigration Minster Chris Bowen to say it would take time for the new policy to work.


The Federal Government adopted in-principle all 22 recommendations made by the expert panel on asylum seekers on August 13.

Legislation was passed in the Parliament that week reinstating offshore processing in Nauru and Papua New Guinea, two of the panel’s key recommendations.

Opposition leader calls the Gillard government out on its lack of preparedness.

Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison used news of the latest boat arrivals and
revelations of a $650 million blow-out in detention centre costs to attack the government.

Mr Morrison again urged to government to implement “the full proven Howard government measures” – offshore processing, turning boats around and temporary protection visas.

He also questioned why asylum seekers were not being sent to Nauru or PNG.

“Last week, Julia Gillard and Chris Bowen again failed the test of resolve on border protection. They refused to ask Parliament to give them the green light they need to send asylum seekers to Nauru and Manus Island for processing.

“Right now they don’t have the power to send them anywhere and it will be another fortnight before they can get this power. In the meantime the boats continue to arrive,” Mr Morrison said.

Yikes! Meanwhile, they are indoctrinating the kids with the diversity is strength mythology!

SBS and Amnesty International take asylum seeker policy into schools.

I had to look up SBS (Seven Billion Stories).  It is some multicultural promotion media outfit.  I assume this program is similar to the one being peddled in the US by the Southern Poverty Law Center, here.

From World News Australia:

SBS, Amnesty International and the Refugee Council of Australia have partnered to create a free school resource pack to promote greater understanding of asylum-seeker experiences.

As the debate over asylum seeker policy and refugee issues is again in focus, SBS has partnered with Amnesty International and the Refugee Council of Australia to deliver a free education resource to all secondary schools across the country.

The Go Back to Where You Came From School Pack provides educational activities that aim to engage students with a deeper understanding of the complexity of refugee life and seeking asylum.

The Left is so good at propaganda.  As a matter of fact, we still see news accounts all the time of that lying “Welcome to Shelbyville” documentary being used around the US.

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