Another Connecticut food stamp fraud bust

More fellows named Smith and Jones are busted in food stamp fraud scheme—Not!   I don’t know the immigration status or nationalities of the three, but once again immigrant-owned convenience stores are the location of illegal activity.

From Meriden Patch:

Three people, including two Meriden men, are facing fraud charges after federal authorities said they partook in a scheme of exchanging food stamp benefits for cash at two city stores.

Carols Dominguez, 56, and Serafettin Buyuksoy, 56, both from Meriden, were arrested Thursday along with Myrachid Elquafai, 50, of New Haven, on charges of defrauding the federal Supplemental Nutrition and Assistance Program (SNAP) hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past two years.

These guys could get up to 20 years, but our local scammer (who inspired me to follow food stamp fraud stories) is out after only 18 months!  And, back running the store!

Read it all.  This publication, Meriden Patch, has printed the US Justice Department press release in its entirety.

For more on ‘Food Stamp Fraud’ from sea to shining sea, type those words into our search function.  My theory is that the US State Department runs those “Investor” programs that allow foreign nationals to get visas to come in and buy businesses in the US and they then turn them into hubs of illegal activity—drug dealing and/or food stamp fraud operations.