Canada: Chinese immigrant gets refugee status, wanted for murder in US

Of course they didn’t know that when they gave him refugee status, but they should have.

Highlighting the problems involved with immigrants lying, and lax security, here is the story from the Toronto Star:

Kai-Guo Huang came to Canada from China as refugee claimant Yu Chen in 2006.

He started a business and became a member of a local church. He paid his taxes on time.

He was granted permanent residency status in 2010 and purchased an upscale condo in north Scarborough.

To get into the country as a refugee claimant he was fingerprinted, interviewed and a criminal record check was completed. A second set of fingerprints were given and another criminal check done when he applied for permanent residency.

If Toronto police hadn’t arrested him for drunk driving in early August and run his prints against the FBI database in the U.S., chances are no one would have discovered two important things about Huang:

He entered Canada from China using fake travel documents.

He is wanted in the U.S. in connection with a grisly murder and decapitation 14 years ago.

The breakdown in border security has immigration experts and a Liberal MP baffled at how an alleged murderer got into the country undetected.

“The only reason he would’ve gotten through is if they didn’t run his prints in the United States,” said Richard Kurland, considered by many to be one of Canada’s leading experts on immigration.

It’s this kind of security mistake, he added, that should lead to changes in how people are screened, he said, suggesting the possibility of every refugee claimant automatically be put through criminal record checks.

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