Federal refugee contractor gives “Freedom Award” to George Soros


On Wednesday evening the International Rescue Committee (one of nine federal government contractors) which each year receives millions of tax dollars ($251 million from you in 2012), gave its annual Freedom Award at a glitzy gala at New York City’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel to George Soros with UN Ambassador Samantha Power and Former President Bill Clinton among the star-studded cast of elitists.

Here is how the IRC press release begins (update: press release has been removed from site, so it is a good thing I got it!)

On November 6  the International Rescue Committee honored businessman and philanthropist George Soros with its Freedom Award, thereby recognizing what IRC president David Miliband has called his “tremendous commitment to the advancement of human rights, social justice and democracy around the world.”

The contributions that George Soros has made to the cause of freedom worldwide have been far reaching, creative and effective. Perhaps most significant, he is the founder and chairman of Open Society—a network of foundations, partners, and projects in more than 100 countries. His commitment to the idea of open society—where rights are respected, government is accountable and no one has the monopoly on the truth—makes the Open Society Foundations unlike any other private philanthropic effort in history.  [Barf!—ed]

Open Society Institute grants to the IRC over the years have provided more than $3 million in support of lifesaving programs worldwide.

How about if the IRC just finds more millionaires and billionaires to fund their ‘good’ works and leaves the US taxpayers alone.

Samantha Power (Mrs. Cass Sunstein)

Then get this, Soros promised another cool million for the poor suffering Syrians, BUT….  Ha! Ha! Ha! the money is for influence peddling, not for “humanitarian aid” to feed and clothe the destitute.  From the Huffington Post which also reported the presence of one of Soros star pupils—-Samantha Power!

Soros said the money was intended to influence public opinion and encourage a meaningful, global response to the crisis in Syria. The billionaire was critical of the world’s response to the crisis up until now, saying his donations were a testament to the “glaring failure of international governance.”

We’ve written so many posts about the uber-rich IRC, I don’t know which to direct you to.  You should at least check out the ones on David Miliband by clicking here.   And, I see back in June The Blaze did a story on Samantha Power’s background and connections to Soros, here.  Beck called Power “the most dangerous woman in America.”

See this post from last November where I said the refugees are just pawns in the Soros/Power Socialist world power and restructuring game.

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