Iraqi refugee czar, and Soros puppet, Samantha Power to fill UN Ambassador post?

That is according to a lengthy discussion at The Asian Tribune and it of course depends on US Ambassador Susan Rice’s elevation to the Secretary of State position Obama is pushing.

I’m posting this portion of the Asian article just to remind us, and build an archive here, about this dangerous George Soros puppet—the “humanitarian vulcan” Samantha Power.   Actually I also have a theory that if Susan Rice is shot down due to her ridiculous display on Benghazi that Obama could substitute Power and the Senate would give a collective sigh of relief and not muster an objection thinking they defeated the worst choice Obama could make.  Rice is a “yes-man,” but Power is truly dangerous.

Although White House Iraqi Refugee Czar Power mouths concern for “human rights” she famously said she was sick of doing “rinkey-dink do-gooder stuff” like standing up for beleaguered Christians in Iraq.  So, I guess in her mind, not all human rights are equal.

Besides forming interconnected groups as I reported here in a February 2010 post when writing about Power and Soros, much of the Socialist Left’s international interference hides under the “humanitarian” white hat.    (Political Environmentalists do that too—hide behind a supposed preservationist goal that is only a  facade while padding their pockets and pushing their political agenda, but that is a story for another day and another blog.)

They give the impression that they are motivated only by caring and goodness, that they have heart (and you don’t) and it gives them license to go to war, just as they did in Libya.   Soros and his girls are just power-hungry fascist control freaks.

Anyway, nothing earth-shattering in the Asian article about Power and Rice and their mucking around in Sri Lankan affairs, but I just want to have this article in our Samantha Power archive.

Dr. Samantha Power, the special assistant to President Obama, the senior director of the US National Security Council handling the subject multilateral affairs and human rights, and the head of the Atrocities Prevention Board is tipped to succeed Dr. Susan Rice as the United States Permanent representative to the United Nations is another top official who has devoted some time to the issues confronting Sri Lanka even undertaking an official fact-finding tour to Colombo in June 2010.


The journalist, activist and Harvard professor, Samantha Power, burst onto the foreign policy scene in 2003 with her book “A Problem from Hell”, which accused the United States of intentionally ignoring genocides.

Ms. Power has mostly stayed away from campaigns, but she stepped into the ring after meeting then-Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) in 2005. In fact, it was Senator Obama who invited her for a conversation after reading her book. Media reports at that time noted that at their first meeting, Power was so impressed that she offered to volunteer in his Senate office. She was one of Obama’s closest advisers on the 2008 campaign, at least until she called Obama’s then rival and now Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton a “monster” to a Scottish newspaper in a report published January 9, 2008. That week she withdrew from the Obama presidential campaign but, observers and media knew, she continued his unofficial adviser as it was very apparent when President Obama appointed her to an influential position in his National Security Council with the ‘tag’ ‘multilateral affairs and human rights’ when she arrived in Sri Lanka for her ‘fact finding tour’ June 14-18, 2010.

Ms. Power’s 2002 book A Problem from Hell: America and the Age of Genocide supports the humanitarian claim that genocide and human rights abuses can, in fact, be successfully stymied with the proper leadership.

She advocates that if only the United States were more proactive in stamping out moral abuses such as genocide, its security would be enhanced.

What moral abuses?  The ones Obama and Power/Soros say are moral abuses?  Powers’ “responsibility to protect” actually says we can and should go to war as the policemen for the world’s morals (whatever the hell that means).

….Samantha Power is President Obama’s ‘point person’ who monitors, investigates, researches and establishes policy planks on human rights, genocide, war crimes, international humanitarian law (IHL) for the administration’s specific understanding.

“She is clearly the foremost voice for human rights within the White House,” Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch, told The New York Times “and she has Obama’s ear.”

As tipped, if she occupies the position of US ambassador to the United Nations she has a greater leverage over such issues.

Readers, you may think the refugee resettlement initiatives of the UN and the US State Department represent a small subsection of the immigration problem, but I submit that the image of saving the world’s poor and downtrodden gives them a powerful public relations message that hides the real goal of mass immigration—-the creation of a Socialist borderless world.

The refugees themselves are just pawns for the power-hungry fascists—-Soros and Power.

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