Amsterdam mayor tells failed asylum seekers to clear out by Friday

It seems that 130 “refugees” who have been ordered deported have been camping in downtown Amsterdam since September.    Earlier this month we told you about another such group in The Hague.  Those were Iraqi Muslims; there is no mention of nationality of those in the Amsterdam encampment.

Here is the story from Dutch News:

Some 130 failed asylum seekers who have set up camp in Amsterdam’s Osdorp have been told to clear their tents by Friday.

Judges have ruled the camp must go because of safety fears and Amsterdam’s mayor Eberhard van der Laan has given them until Friday morning to comply.

Judges said there are serious hygiene issues at the site because there is no running water and rubbish is not cleared. In addition, the camp is proving a nuisance to people living in the area. Van der Laan has come up with temporary accommodation to house the refugees while their cases are being re-examined.

The camp was set up in September by a group of some 40 failed asylum seekers who argue they cannot return to their home countries, either because it is unsafe or because they have no papers.

Under Dutch asylum rules, failed asylum seekers are not entitled to any help with housing unless they agree to work towards their return.

If you are wondering about US asylum seekers, they are simply released into America with the hope that they will return for their asylum hearing.   If they fail to be granted asylum, they are ordered deported, but then most of those just disappear into ethnic communities joining the US illegal population awaiting amnesty from Obama.

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