Sweden: refugee ‘kids’ brawl, one dead

Poor “welcoming” Sweden.  That’s all I can say, their “refugee” problems appear in our alerts daily now.  However, this story is thanks to Fjordman via twitter.

Korpilombolo group home where the youths brawled and one died. Is this the tiny town’s only police car?

Our most recent Sweden post about a Somali refugee raping a woman to death in a Sheraton Hotel parking area has garnered thousands of hits over the last three days.

Today’s news is perhaps an inevitable ‘told ya so’ about Sweden’s new scheme to force hundreds of small towns to host the inflow if “kids” from disparate areas of the third-world.  Seems the teens (unaccompanied minors!) got into a brawl in a group home where language barriers may have allowed the situation to get out of control.

From The Local (in Sweden, America too! the media is so PC they can’t bring themselves to even identify the nationalities of the kids):

A 13-year-old boy is being held on suspicion of assault and manslaughter following the death of another teenager following a fight at asylum housing for lone refugees in northern Sweden.

The incident took place in Korpilombolo [a town of just over 500 inhabitants—ed] on Friday evening when a brawl broke out amongst a number of boys at the asylum housing centre. A boy was hit in the face, fell backwards and could not be revived with police saying his death was likely caused by a fatal impact to his head caused by the fall.

Previous reports suggested that the victim had been involved in the fight but it’s now understood he happened to chance upon the brawl. The TT news agency reports that there were eight boys aged between 13 – 15 years of age sharing the accommodation.

The chairman of the municipal executive board in Pajala, where Korpilombolo is located, was asked by reporters why the death occurred despite the presence of six adult members of social services at the asylum housing.

“It was a sudden incident. It happened very fast,” said Kurt Wennberg who added that he didn’t want to speculate if language confusion among the boys from different countries was a contributory factor.  [What do you want to bet they mixed Muslims and non-Muslim youths in the same home in their sociological experiment!—ed]

290 Swedish towns must host the unaccompanied minors.  We previously reported on the resistance by some of the towns, here.

The Pajala municipality is one of 240 out of 290 Swedish municipalities hosting unaccompanied minors under legislation passed by the Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket).

A new bill, which comes into force next year, is set to bring the remaining 50 municipalities into line and will allow underage asylum seekers who come to Sweden without parents or guardians to reside in the country.

In 2005, Sweden received about 500 applications from underage asylum seekers. For 2013, the authorities estimate that they will process 4,000 cases in total.

Why so many ‘unaccompanied minors’ now?  My theory is that the international Left (Socialist and Communists) and the Open Borders/human rights cabal are helping separate kids from their families knowing they have a better chance of getting them established in western countries that way.  Then the “government” (it takes a village!) will raise the kids into good little Socialists for release into the local population.   With this program they are salting them all over Sweden.

It is happening in the US too, except here the “contractors” are being paid by you to take care of the influx of 20,000 “kids” in 2013 alone. When the kids turn 18 they are just released into America.

Photo is from Swedish Radio, here.

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Africans, Arabs “invade” France; ho hum nothing changes

Maybe change is happening, maybe the average Frenchman is fighting back, but I’ve got to say I feel like we’ve been writing this same post year after year here at RRW, and I don’t see where the French are doing anything other than, as this article points out, becoming more morose!

From the Irish Times (French identity crisis indeed!)  The Irish better watch out because this same thing is coming to Ireland in the not too distant future!

French officials discreetly applauded the British prime minister David Cameron’s proposals this week to restrict immigration from poor EU countries.

Immigration is becoming the thorniest issue in French politics and will figure prominently in next year’s municipal and European elections. Socialists and the conservative UMP are toughening their policies, in the hope of blunting the appeal of the anti-immigrant, far-right National Front.

The UMP wants to abolish the right to citizenship for the children of illegal immigrants born in France, and wants to end free medical care for illegals. Interior minister Manuel Valls has promised to re-examine the right to asylum.

Immigration and national identity are often cited as contributing to France’s chronic state of moroseness. But when the former president Nicolas Sarkozy established a “ministry of immigration and national identity,” the implication that immigrants threatened French identity prompted an outcry.

The theme hasn’t died though. Philosopher Alain Finkelkraut’s Unhappy Identity, one of the most talked about books this autumn, claims the French no longer feel at home in their own country. “When the cybercafe is called ‘Bled.com’ [bled is Arab slang for the countryside] and the butcher’s shop and the fast-food are halal,” Finkelkraut writes, “these sedentary [French people] experience exile without having moved. Everything has changed around them.”

At Marine Le Pen’s National Front rallies, crowds chant “On est chez nous!” (We’re at home.) There’s unspoken resentment that Arabs and Africans who drove France from her colonies are now “invading” and adulterating the French way of life, in a sort of reverse colonisation. The French no longer refer to “travailleurs immigrés” but to immigrants, full stop; Muslim immigrants are apparently no longer seen as workers.

The French long believed their secular, republican education system would transform the children of Muslim immigrants into loyal citizens. Ghettoised in the banlieues, rejected by potential employers, Arab and African Muslims are instead re-islamicising, as shown by the widespread presence of headscarves and djellaba robes.

The article continues here.

It has nothing to do with living conditions and employment—Muslims are in France to change (to colonize) France, not to become more secular and more French!

Photo is from the Christian Science Monitor.

UNHCR: 80,000 Somalis have returned to Somalia in 2013

Half a million expected to return home in three years!  Is it time now to stop the flow of Somali “refugees” into the West?  Sure sounds like it!

Another boat full of Somalis washes up in Italy over the weekend. UNHCR should pack them up and take them to their safe zones in Somalia! Get them to work fighting for and rebuilding Somalia!

The Kenyan government has threatened to close one of the largest refugee camps in the world, but so far the UN has persuaded the government (fearful of more terrorists in the camp) to let the migration back to Somalia happen voluntarily.

Here is the news from last week at Xinhua News (hat tip:  Joanne):

DADAAB, Kenya, Nov. 25 (Xinhua) — The UN refugee agency UNHCR on Monday said some Somali refugees living in the northern Kenyan camps are willing to return home once they get support.

UNHCR official Mans Nyberg said the Kenyan government did not order the closure of the Dadaab refugee camp as reported by media.

Some refugees had turned up to the UNHCR offices in Dadaab, the world’s largest refugee settlement, to seek more information on their return, the official said.


The UNHCR and the Kenyan and Somali governments on Nov. 10 signed an agreement on the repatriation of Somali refugees. Up to 80,000 Somali refugees have spontaneously returned to south- central Somalia since January.

Also, last week the UN has identified three priority safe areas for returnees where they will be supplied with the basics to rebuild their lives.

From Reuters:

NAIROBI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – The United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) has identified three priority areas to which it will help Somali refugees return home from Kenya, a senior official said on Tuesday.

The UNHCR signed an agreement with the governments of both countries on Nov. 10, and half a million Somali refugees living in Kenya are expected to return home voluntarily over the next three years. The number of refugees from Somalia – 1.1 million – is the third highest in the world after Afghanistan and Syria.


Mbilinyi [UNHCR rep in Kenya—ed] said the UNHCR can monitor the safety of returnees in these areas through partner non-governmental organisations working on the ground. Reception centres will be set up in the three cities, where returnees will receive food, household basics and other materials to help them rebuild their lives.

“Stability is coming back to Somalia. Most of the country is safe even though of course Shabaab are controlling some cities throughout Somalia,” Somalia’s ambassador to Kenya, Mohammed Ali Nur, told a news conference. “We believe that soon we will liberate the whole country.”

If all of the Somalis trying to find the cushy good life in the West went back to Somalia and worked hard they could easily expel al-Shabaab.

I’ll get in real trouble asking this question, but what makes some people willing to fight to improve their lot and others to become parasitic, is it inherited or learned behavior?

Photo is from this story.