Israel’s parliament passes new law to detain migrants; Amnesty fumes

Some countries, like Israel, want to save themselves and others, like Sweden, have a death wish.   People with a brain understand that no country can long survive an invasion of third world migrants, and Israeli leaders understand that better than most.

Israel’s ‘great wall’ with Egypt! EPA Photo

So, this news is no surprise to us.  Israelis believe that most of the migrants who have streamed into the country illegally in recent years are economic migrants and detention until they are all sorted out only makes sense.

Of course all over the world the amnesty lobbyists are demanding that ‘asylum seekers’ be free to move around and work in the country they have entered without permission.

From the Los Angeles Times:

JERUSALEM — In a controversial move decried by human rights organizations, Israel’s parliament passed a bill allowing migrants to be jailed without trial for a year.

Under the law finalized early Tuesday after a heated late-night debate, Israeli authorities will be able to jail new migrants for a year if they slip over the border illegally, and detain others already in Israel in a new holding facility indefinitely.

The law was intended to apply almost exclusively to African migrants who cross the border in uncontrolled stretches of open desert. In the past, most have come in from Egypt.

It replaces a previous law, ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, that allowed migrants to be jailed for three years. The court ruled in September that the law violated human rights. The new law attempted to address the court’s concerns by lowering the detention time.

The illegal aliens will be allowed out in the daytime, but must return at night (so they aren’t in a prison!):

The new “open” facility will hold about 3,000 detainees and provide services to discourage them from working. Technically, they will be free to come and go during daytime but must return to the remotely located center by night.

The government refers to the migrants as “infiltrators” because they enter the country without passing through controlled border crossings. Many of the migrants are asylum seekers, but very few are granted asylum out of thousands of requests reviewed annually by a Refugee Status Determination committee.

A new border fence is now slowing the flow in from Egypt, but get this:

 …an estimated 50,000 asylum seekers and undocumented migrants from African countries live in Israel.

Come to think of it, there is something kind of freeing when one is always labeled the ‘bad guy’ as Israel is.  In fact, poor Swedes are trapped in a ‘good people’ image they likely won’t break out of before it’s too late to save their unique race/culture.

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Photo is from this January 2013 story about the wall.

Sweden: Will Syrians be the final straw?

A few months back, benevolent Sweden (we are the world’s good people!) opened its doors to any Syrian refugees who could make it to their borders, but it now seems that they may have an extreme case of refugee overload and there is consequently a lot of whining going on.

Soedertaelje Mayor Boel Godner said system was breaking a year ago. Imagine what it is today!

Here is the news at the Global Post (Sweden struggles with the surge).  Emphasis is mine:

Sweden, as the only country to give Syrian refugees automatic residence, has struggled to house them and faces warnings of a coming surge in arrivals.

Josef Ariss and his mother Reina fled Aleppo in northern Syria three months ago when their family’s clothing factory was flattened by shelling.

Although relieved to escape the violence, he is far from happy with the situation in Sweden — living in cramped conditions with relatives, like many of his countrymen.

“We’re staying at my aunt’s house — eight people in 90 square metres (900 square feet),” the soft-spoken 20-year-old told AFP.

Speaking at a crowded Syrian cultural centre in the outskirts of Stockholm as new arrivals streamed out of a Swedish language class, he added: “If you need help from the Migration Board to find a place they throw you in the north where it’s far below freezing. We can’t live there.”

14,000 Syrians have arrived in Sweden this year!

“We came here with big hopes of starting over — of having our own place to stay,” she said.

Sweden has seen a sharp increase in Syrian refugees — about 8,000 have arrived since it threw the doors open in September, bringing the total number this year to more than 14,000 — of a total of 50,000 refugees.  [The US takes an average of 70,000 refugees* a year, so you can see that Sweden cannot survive this number—ed]

The Migration Board offers everyone temporary accommodation in a growing network of refugee centres scattered around the country.

Refugees in Sweden at 20-year peak with few places to live.

About 8,000 refugees with residence permits live in reception centres, currently having to wait an average of six months for permanent accommodation, according to migration authorities.

The queue is expected to double next year with up to 69,000 more refugees, the highest level since the break-up of Yugoslavia in the early 1990s.

Mayor would like to say NO!  Unemployment rate at 14%!!!

In Soedertaelje, the situation has already passed crisis proportions, according to Social Democratic mayor Boel Godner.


“If we had the power to check we would say ‘no, it’s too crowded here’,” she said. “Children have it tough at school… learning Swedish when everyone around them speaks the same (foreign) language.”

“And it’s hard to get jobs, which creates a lot of poverty and frustration. Many refugees would be better off if the whole country helped out — there are districts that have not accepted a single refugee.”

Let the whining begin!  The rest of the article focuses on finger-pointing.  Not all communities in Sweden are doing their fair share, not all countries in Europe are doing their fair share, and it’s all the fault of the “anti-immigrants” in the Sweden Democrats Party who want no more immigration to Sweden (say what?).

Bottomline, it appears, is that the Swedish humanitarians (with a death wish) would have the country crash economically and socially as they pat themselves on the back for being known as the world’s good people.

Photo is from this Radio Sweden story from last December.

* When you add in Cubans/Haitians and Asylees, the US number is actually over 100,000 but officially they say 70,000 “refugees.”

No meds for ill Canadian child as demands rise for refugee applicants to receive health care

One of the most troubling questions for community members in a city or town where large numbers of refugees are arriving is—why are we doing this when we have our own needy people not being cared for?

I hear it all the time.  It goes something like this: ‘we have people (Americans/our neighbors) going hungry, homeless in the streets, or the elderly in need of attention and care and yet we can bring in tens of thousands of impoverished people from elsewhere in the world?  Why are our own needy so much less attractive?’

That is the question being asked in Ontario, Canada as Canadian health care can not afford Madi Vanstone, but are being pressured to care for refugee “claimants” who may or may not even be granted asylum.

Madi Vanstone’s meds vs. refugees’ meds?

Can you say “death panels” in Canada’s health care system?

Thanks to reader Joanne, here is the story at the Toronto Sun (emphasis mine):

TORONTO – Little Madi Vanstone is one beautiful child — with a major health problem.

The 12-year-old has a rare form of Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and requires a life-saving drug, Kalydeco, to keep her breathing.

The big problem is the drug costs $348,000 a year — and it’s not covered by OHIP.


Madi’s dad, Glen, a pipefitter, has insurance benefits that pay for 50% of her drug bill. The drug manufacturer picks up 30% — but that leaves the family paying $5,770 a month to keep their daughter alive.


They [the community raised money—ed] did what Canadians have done for generations — pulled together to help a child in need.

That’s what makes Monday’s announcement by the provincial health ministry so galling.

This province is trying to shame the feds into reinstating care for refugee claimants.


We can’t even afford life-saving drugs for a child who has lived in this province all her life. Whose family has paid taxes for generations.

But in a foot-stamping, blame-the-feds act of cynicism, apparently we have enough money to pay for health care for refugee claimants.


….the province adamantly won’t pay [for Madi—ed].

But we do have enough money to pay the very generous Ontario Drug Benefit Plan (ODBP) for people here as refugee claimants and those awaiting deportation.

Are we nuts?

And, here it is—one more sensible question from citizens regarding pressure from Canadian Doctors for Refugee Care. If these doctors care so much for the refugees why can’t they treat them for free!

Let refugee claimants hold bake sales for their health care, as Madi’s family has done.

….. Dr. Phillip Berger, of St. Michael’s Hospital and a member of Canadian Doctors for Refugee Care, said sick children and pregnant women can’t get care and cancer patients are denied chemotherapy.

If doctors care that much, they can treat refugees for free.

There is more, read it all (click here).

Update!  Doctors for Refugee Care win in Ontario—refugee healthcare reinstated.